SQL Server 2016 tries to steal a march on Oracle

In this article we look at how SQL Server 2016 is stealing a march on Oracle

SQL Server 2016 And OracleMicrosoft recently launched its much awaited SQL Server Database 2016 with an aim to attract database clients with better features and pricing. Planning to offer more advanced features, hybrid cloud technology and security, the Redmond based IT giant is expected to win over Oracle clients with its SQL Server Database 2016. In fact, with the launch of the latest SQL version that is full of amazing and advanced features, everyone is excited to look forward to matchup between the leading database vendors.

Microsoft has incorporated an extended beta process in its hybrid cloud software along with such advanced technologies and processes to bring out something even better than Oracle flagship database. Over the past few years, Microsoft has won customers from small to medium size businesses and now it aims to attract big business owners as well, who usually choose Oracle or IBM as their first choice.

An interesting thing to know is that while the hybrid cloud strategy is not mature yet but the one behind Microsoft hybrid cloud technology is already a success. Moreover, Microsoft allows organizations to set up hybrid databases through its Stretch Database Feature that allows to keep data partly on the cloud and partly on the premises but this kind of facility is still unavailable in Oracle. Another breakthrough in Microsoft’s technology is that it is already offering a superb migration promotion program full of migration tools and better price breaks as compared to Oracle.

Other interesting features that are surely going to take away Oracle’s clients towards Microsoft SQL Server 2016 are its Always-On capability with a better encryption and security feature. Apart from it, this latest SQL edition includes advanced analytics with full R+ in-memory support and mobile accessible BI along with a consistent and advanced on premises and cloud experience. This is not all; SQL Server 2016 also aims to provide advanced analytics without any additional charges and it has the capability to publish the reports with Power BI or even with Excel 2016 on an Android, iPhone and Windows phone; moreover, this new server provides more mobility at a price that is very less as compared to Oracle.

Even with the venerable SQL Server 2016, incidents of SQL crashes are noticed.

Even if you have upgraded to SQL Server 2016, you cannot simply wish away the chances of a SQL crash. The only assured way to protect your data involves investing in a sql server recovery application like the DataNumen SQL Recovery. This fabulous software can negotiate errors in SQL files with ease and can recover contents while maintaining data integrity. Moreover it can handle large SQL files running into terabytes.

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