SQL Server 2016 is miles ahead of its 2012 iteration – What’s New

In this article we give a detailed look at some of the distinctive features introduced in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 Is Miles Ahead Of Its 2012 IterationWith the launch of the SQL Server 2016 edition, Microsoft has given its users a reason to cheer. Expectedly, the 2016 edition is way more advanced than the previous editions, especially the 2012 edition. The 2016 comes loaded with real time insights along with new security innovations, delivers unequaled in-memory performance, advanced analytics and a lot more. Read on to know more about what’s new in SQL 2016.

  1. Installation – Unlike its earlier versions, SQL Server 2016 allows for separate installation of all the management tools instead of the usual installation through the primary feature tree. You can choose to download all the tools, a few of them or just one.
  1. Analysis services – SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services (SSAS) provides multiple enhancements like better performance, convenient solutions, automated database management etc. The 1200 compatibility level introduced for tabular model databases is most important enhancement of all. Majority of enhancements in the 2016 edition are specifically for the tabular models, enhancements have also been introduced for multidimensional models like, distinct count ROLAP optimization introduced for data sources like DB2 or Oracle.
  1. Database Engine – The SQL Server Database Engine of 2016 has enhancements which can enhance the power and productivity of all those who create, maintain and administer data storage systems.
  1. Integration Services – A list of enhancements have been introduced under the following categories for integration services:
  • Manageability
  • Connectivity
  • Usability and Productivity
  1. SQL Server Reporting ServicesReporting Services – A new reporting web portal has replaced the earlier Report Manager from past releases. The web portal incorporates KPIs and Mobile Reports along with Paginated Reports and Power BI Desktop files. You can also use the web portal to download Mobile Report Publisher along with Report Builder with no requirement of Clickonce Technology.
  1. Master Data Service – MDS in SQL Server 2016 offers an improved form of all its components and features; it has improved performance, improved security, improved troubleshooting, improved manageability, attribute improvements and a range of other improvements.
  1. R Services – This feature has been introduced first time in SQL Server, in the 2016 edition. It offers support for enterprise scale data science. This feature allows you to make use of the highly popular R language, an open source programming language for advanced analytics. R offers a set of packages so rich and vibrant, akin to fast growing developer community.

Following were only a few of the new features of SQL Server 2016, the list does not end here, and in fact this is just the beginning. There is a lot more to SQL Server 2016, and not all of that can be covered in a single article. SQL Server has over the years been a top choice of enterprises as their favored database management software, with the coming of SQL Server 2016 and its advanced features, the preference for it will only increase.

Despite all the accolades it has earned over the years, the SQL Server application also gets brickbats for SQL crashes.

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