Spreadsheet Attachments in Ms Outlook May not open Properly

The Outlook applicationspreadsheet is shipped as a part of the Ms Office software suite and hence it is able to harness the synergies of its associated programs. You can embed excel spreadsheets in Outlook or even plug in a PowerPoint presentation. While in most cases the object embedding works smoothly, there may be an occasional exception. It has been noticed by some Outlook users that Ms Excel embedded files or attachments sometimes do not run properly from the Ms Outlook email client. In fact you may notice the Ms Excel application to launch but the file still does not open up. In this article we would like to isolate issue and resolve it through a set of progressive steps.


Check if the Attachment is not corrupted

If you have an Excel attachment file in Outlook which is failing to launch, then you should start by checking if the file is in order. One way to do this involves saving the attachment on your desktop and then open it with the help of the Ms Excel application. In case the Excel file can be read then perform the next step.


Uncheck the Option to Ignore Other application in Excel 

The only plausible cause that prevents a spreadsheet file from being launched from the Outlook email client is the Ms Excel application itself which has been configured to ignore other applications. To change the settings, perform the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch the Ms Excel application
  2. Next head to the Tools tab and go to Options
  3. Under Option, in the General tab you can view a range of settings
  4. Ensure that the option “Ignore other applications” is unchecked
  5. Save the settings and exit the Excel application

Now try opening the attachment from Ms Outlook again and it should launch directly. One should note that the above steps may be slightly different in some versions of Ms Excel.


An Outlook crash can also risk embedded data files and Business Contact Manager data

In case you encounter an Outlook crash, do not remain under the mistaken belief that it can affect emails only. In fact all data present within your Outlook application can be at risk and this includes any embedded files that are stored within emails. Further the entire data stored in the Business Contact Manager feature too would be at grave risk. Given the scenario it is imperative that you call in a potent outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair whenever you experience an Outlook crash. It has the capacity to extract the entire collection of data encompassed in the application and can even bring back temporary files that the email client may have saved before it toppled over. Now when it comes to supporting different file types from where the application can extract PST contents, this application is second to none. It can work on virtual machine drives, Norton Ghost image files and even on Nero image copies with ease.


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