Spam is not going away anytime soon – block Spam in the Outlook email client

In this article we help you deal with the ongoing challenge of spam emails while using the Ms Outlook email client.

Spam is not going away anytime soon - block Spam in the Outlook email client

The word spam encompasses all sorts of unwanted emails which can include different kinds of data. Some can contain harmless promotional messages while others can contain Trojan Horses or Viruses. Anything that comes in unsolicited is what we call a spam and generally, spam arrives directly in our Outlook mailbox. No doubt, that spam is annoying in nature, so it becomes very important to know how to block it at the first sight. The more you think that you have made your mailbox secure, the more new types of spam messages arrive in the technical world, so basically, there is no end to the world of spam in the near future. In fact, experts have recently encountered a new type of spam called Snowshoe Spam that is fast spreading across the mailboxes around the world. In this article, we will throw light on different ways to block spam in MS Outlook.

Now, talking about the Snowshoe Spam, it was present earlier too but at a small extent but now it has grown bigger and grasping over a huge number of systems with its malicious powers. It is most commonly spreading over various IP addresses via email messages. Due to the snowshoe spam, a user gets a bulk of unsolicited email messages in the mailbox that all contain virus infected links or attachments. Many experts have even termed it as a “hit and run spam”, due to its immense power to send high volume of spam messages.

It’s another thing that various anti spam experts are trying to bring out a cure for this kind of spam, not much success has been found yet. So, all we can do at present is use the already available preventive measures to prevent the spread of spam in MS Outlook. For instance, you can easily edit the settings of the Registry in Outlook to change the types of files that are blocked for better protection against spam. Moreover, you can also set the Macro Security Level in Outlook items to medium or a high level to protect your system from spam.

One must also note that once a spam enters your system, the only possible and the best way to remove is through a good Security or Anti Virus Software. A variety of reliable anti virus software are available on the net like Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Avast Antivirus, Symantec Antivirus, Quick Heal Antivirus and many more. No matter, which antivirus software you install on your system, make sure to keep your antivirus up to date to catch the latest technologies to stop the spam from entering your system. If you thought that you will enjoy a spam free inbox for a lifetime, then please note that spam is not going away anytime soon and it is here to stay for a long time. Better start learning ways to block the spam in MS Outlook from this article and take a sigh or relief.

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