Spam Has Evolved – Steps you can take to stop junk emails

As thestop-spam-email-1 internet matured over the last two decades, a lot of people found this medium as a cost effective means to reach out to people. Spam and junk emails typically started off with marketing emails and latter progressed to indiscriminate forms, from scam emails to messages that contained viruses. Today spam emails can come with several innovative subject lines and curious attachments and malicious links embedded in it. The threat from Spam has grown and email clients including Outlook cannot guarantee a spam free email experience. However you can definitely take measures to counter spam emails by using the features present in Outlook and by using a little bit of thought.


Raise the bar on Junk Email Protection

The simplest way to block most spam emails involves raising the Spam setting bar in Outlook to High. Just head to Junk Email Options in Outlook and choose the level of junk protection to High. While this process will block a great deal of spam emails, some normal emails too would get filtered. To avoid important emails from being caught by spam filters, enter the sender’s name in the safe sender’s list in Outlook.


Create Custom Rules to Tackle Message with Tricky Subject Lines

If the spam email comes with an innovative look subject line and does not contain attachments, it can very well beat the Outlook spam filters. To address this issue, you can create a custom rule to catch such emails by entering the keywords commonly used in spam email subject lines that you receive.


Blacklist Suspected Domains

If you are repeatedly getting emails from specific domain, you can choose to block it in Outlook. In fact you can even go ahead block entire countries by blocking top level domains or even stop receiving emails sent to you in a different language. For example you can head to the International tab in the Junk Email Options and click on Block Encodings List and choose to block a country specific encoding.


An Outlook User should always backup his email and contacts data

Of the several things that can go wrong while working on the Ms Outlook application, a PST crash can easily be counted as the most traumatic. It effectively puts all your data including emails and contacts at risk. Worse still, often there is no premonition when the PST crash may occur. Given these risks backing up your emails and contacts data seems like a good choice. However to ensure complete security of your data including recent emails, one needs to procure an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It offers you the chance get back each and every piece of information that was stored in the Outlook application before it crash. Further the tool comes handy when you are looking to recover several PST files at once, which comes rather handy in a small business office ecosystem.


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