How to Sort Values Based on Custom Lists in Excel

The sort feature in Excel has a wide range of application. And today we will show you how to sort values by custom lists.

The data and information can be well organized in Excel. However, if you need to deal with the worksheet which is in a mess, you will certainly apply the sort feature. This is a very commonly used feature in Excel. And in the following part, we will show you about sorting values by custom lists.

Custom Lists

In the image below, you can see that there is the information about sales volume. But they are in two different workbooks. And in the second sheet, without the job numbers, the order is totally in a mess. Therefore, if you need to check the numbers of the sale volume, you will certainly spend a lot of time and energy. Thus, to sort the name before checking the numbers is necessary. If you want to sort the values according to the order in the first sheet, you may follow the steps below.Custom Lists

  1. Position your cursor in the target area.
  2. Next click the button “Sort & Filter” in the ribbon.
  3. In the drop-down list, choose the option “Custom Sort”. And then the “Sort” window will pop up.Custom Sort
  4. Here click the arrow in the “Order” part.Custom List
  5. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “Custom List”.
  6. And then in the “Custom Lists” window, input the list into the text box of “List entries”.Input Custom List
  7. Next click the button “Add” on the right.
  8. And then click “OK”. Now you will come back to the “Sort” window. You will find that the order is the list that you have set just now.Choose the List
  9. Last click “OK”. Thus, the list in column will be in the right order as you wish. And you can easily check the numbers in the two different worksheets.The Right Order

And if you don’t need this list after this task, you can also delete it in the “Custom Lists” window.

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