How to Solve Outlook Error “The data file was not closed properly”

This article mainly delves into the Outlook error message “The data file was not closed properly” . If receive the error prompt, you can utilize the following methods to get rid of it.

On one occasion, I accidentally shut down Windows but Outlook didn’t exit ahead of time. Since then, I’ve frequently encountered the popup Outlook error message, “The data file <PST file > was not closed properly. This file is being checked for problems.” Many people may have the similar experiences. Therefore, I will share my solutions here for reference.Error Message: The data file was not closed properly

Causes of this Error

To deal with this situation, we should find out its roots at the very outset. Here are the common reasons.

  1. You shut down Windows before closing Outlook application.
  2. In addition, it may also involve other external software. For instance, there is third party software accessing the Outlook data file. Or perhaps its add-ins enforces Outlook to close improperly.
  3. Moreover, maybe Outlook crash result in file corruption, hence you cannot open the data file.

All above the causes may change the value of the flag in the header of the PST file from True to False. Once the value of the flag becomes False, you will absolutely see the error message.

Wait Outlook to Do Away with the Error Automatically

Actually after this message arises, Outlook will perform an automatic check. Outlook will scan and repair its inner errors automatically. In better situation, through half an hour or so, you can get back your Outlook data file successfully. However, in some terrible cases, such as the file has been corrupted, Outlook will not be competent enough to solve this problem. Then you will face an endless waiting for loading. And finally it will inform you of the same error. Under this circumstance, you have no choice but to repair the file manually.

Repair the Corrupted Outlook Data File Manually

  1. via Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook provides us with a free repair tool, namely Scanpst.exe. You can access it in Windows explorer. After running it, you can click “Browse” button to select the file and finally click “Start” button. After a few minutes, you can restart Outlook to check whether it succeeds or not.

  1. via Outlook External Repair Tool

Virtually Scanpst.exe cannot make effects in most scenarios. Thus it is imperative to resort to external repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can repair PST file. It has been unmatched in this class. You can utilize this tool to scan the damaged file and minimize data corruption without any fuss.

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