Social Accounts in Outlook 2013 – Keeping you always connected with your contacts

In Outlook it is possible to connect with your social and messaging profiles with ease

Social Accounts in Outlook 2013 - Keeping you always connected with your contacts

Virtual world is slowly grasping over the real world and perhaps this is the reason for the growing popularity of Social Media these days. Keeping this fact in mind, Outlook too has introduced a feature to take advantage of social media and messaging platforms. It won’t be wrong to state that Social Media Connector is a sort of hidden jewel in its recent editions. Offering you the power to check out all the latest updates in some of your social media accounts, Social Media Connector is a revolutionary feature not to be missed while working in MS Outlook. Not just to catch up with your near and dear ones, with Social Media Connector you can even stay in touch with your business contacts within Outlook without wasting extra time. Read on to get in depth knowledge about this amazing feature of Social Media Connector in Outlook.

Call it Social Media Connector or Outlook Social Connector or (OSC); this feature was first introduced in the year 2009 for better communication within MS Outlook but it came out as a downloadable part of Outlook in its 2010 version. Later it came with many improvements in the 2013 Outlook version, where you can easily connect to your already created social media accounts like MySpace and Windows Live Messenger. In clear words, a user who gets the OSC installed on his or her Outlook gets to access all the information from his or her social networking profiles whenever required. We have already discussed the exact method of how to install and use the Social Media Connector through People Pane in one of our earlier articles, so without wasting much time, we will throw light on other aspects of this feature now.

Bear in mind that using the OSC has its advantages as well as disadvantages too, but the good news is that you can control it using the apt Privacy Settings. First of all, it is important to note that the information displayed in the People Pane depends mainly on the email ID that is linked to your social media accounts and also on the privacy settings on those social media accounts. The best way to stay safe while using OSC in Outlook that has been discovered by experts is to remove your all work related email IDs from your social media accounts, so that no one can misuse it. Moreover, it is advisable to lock your privacy settings for all your social accounts. One must keep these points in mind too that if your profile searchable publicly, then any OSC user that sends or received emails from you can easily check out your social media updates, no matter he or she is in your friend list or not. Secondly, if your profile is not searchable, then no updates will be shared to OSC users.

To share the final thoughts on OSC, it can be said that no doubt it helps keep you always connected with all your Outlook contacts but it is important to set the right settings to avoid embarrassing situations in the professional life. This plug in can be used without any fear provided you are smart enough to use it appropriately without leaking out your personal information with colleagues and peers.

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