SmartScreen Spam filters are being Removed from Exchange – What’s Next?

In this article we learn how Microsoft is moving away from SmartScreen filters to Exchange Online Protection

SmartScreen FilterThe 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 edition of MS Exchange will no longer be getting updates for the SmartScreen spam filters form 1st of November, 2016. The updates for the same will also be done away within the 2011 edition of Outlook for Mac. In all the future versions of Outlook for Windows and Exchange Server, there will be no SmartScreen spam filter. However the in-built feature of online protection will continue to exist in Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

In MS Exchange and all other applications where SmartScreen spam filter is being done away with, a new EOP (Exchange Online Protection) will be introduced. This feature is more advanced than the SmartScreen spam filter, it will provide filtering service for cloud based content, and not just online protection. Smart Screen helped users stay away from malicious data online, by asking users to avoid certain websites and downloads. EOP is in-built in all accounts and Office 365 accounts. You can also purchase it for your on-site MS Exchange server. Now that Smart Screen updates are being done away with, following changes might be witnessed by users.

  1. Exchange Online ProtectionFirst thing to be noted is that, only the updates will be curtailed, the already existing feature will continue to exist and provide online protection. The feature will be totally removed only if you purchase a new edition of the application.
  1. The feature will not be available in the new editions of MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook. It will still be existing in Internet Explorer Browser, Windows and Microsoft Edge. It will remain intact and continue allowing for safe surfing, and preventing visits on harmful sites.
  1. EOP used for replacing the SmartScreen spam filter will provide users’ protection for data stored on cloud from malware and spam. It also has features for protecting organizations from messaging violations policy, and contains modern filtering techniques.
  1. With the departure of SmartScreen in MS Exchange, there might be a possible degradation in spam filtering, sparing the obviously spam content.
  1. The makers feel that SmartScreen is not competent enough to fight advanced spam, therefore for those using Exchange Sever along with Outlook, do not have much to worry. And most users often opt for using third party software for preventing spam as well as for protection and other safety measures. At times it is better to keep a copy of your email data away from the Exchange server in to a PST file by using an ost 2 pst
  1. Although the application is being depreciated in Exchange and Outlook both, its effectiveness will have no changes in Windows, Edge and Internet Explorer. The applications in which the feature continues to remain, will be as effective as it always was, and continue to provide online protection while surfing.
  1. The junk folder in Outlook will continue to remain, and for users of Outlook, with accounts on or Office 365, EOP will determine all the mails that will come in your junk folder. You can opt for using third party software if you wish to.

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