What to Do If Your Smartphone Is Water Damaged?

Have you ever dropped your smartphone into water by accident? Water damage is able to destroy all of your data, like contacts and communication records, etc. This article will focus on this issue and guide you to minimize data loss.

Traditional data storage media, such as hard drives, can get corrupted readily. So it is suggested to have a backup of the critical data to avoid data loss. For example, if having a valid Outlook data backup, we can recover damaged Outlook data with effortless ease. In reality, the same holds true for the modern data storage device, like smartphone. Data disasters can happen to your smartphone without omens. So you need keep well prepared for them in advance. Thus not only should you back up your smartphone data regularly, but also you ought to learn the solutions to the emergent cases, like abrupt water damaged smartphone. Here are some of my suggestions for responding to wet smartphone.

Water Damaged Smartphone

1. Turn off the Smartphone Right Away

Without any doubts, the first and most urgent step you must take in face of a wet smartphone is to turn off it at once. You should know that the smartphone is just a hardware whose all operations are working on electricity. Apparently, if water and electricity get mixed, how terrible the result would be. Your phone may be destroyed thoroughly. Thus you’d better remove the battery from the phone as soon as possible.

2. Remove the Smartphone Case

In addition, you have to remove the phone case. When a phone gets soaked, it’s believed that the case must be holding in fluids. So if you still leave the case on the phone, it will be difficult for the liquids to get drained out. The longer your phone is dunked, the more damage will be caused. In this case, the chance to successfully recover the device and the internal data will be lowered.

3. Dry the Smartphone

Assuming that you’ve removed the phone case, you should proceed to dry it. There is no denying that multiple tools and methods are available. But actually using a fan is the best and easiest approach. Place your phone near the fan and let the air move around the phone. It will be able to expedite water evaporation. But in reality, there are some people who behave in a wrong way, such as shaking the phone constantly and selecting a hair dryer

1) Don’t Shake it

Many think that shaking can move the remaining water, and then expedite water evaporation. But in this course, the movement will make the fluids to reach other dry fields and ruin the original intact data. So it is unadvisable to dry a wet phone by shaking.

2) Don’t Use a Hair Dryer Alike

When it comes to drying, the hair dryer will occur to multiple people’s minds. But it is totally wrong to use a hair dryer because that it can create multiple heat and increase the pressure of air. Both of the two factors can make further damages on your smartphone. In addition, a hair dryer will render liquids get deeper into the phone.

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