Skillful Use of MS Outlook for Voting

When we need to collect others’ opinions by email, we could use voting button in Outlook skillfully. In this article we will learn outlook voting carefully.

In our daily work, we often need to make democratic decisions. If enterprises want to convince staff of their decisions, they should collect staff’s opinions. In the digital age, we always prefer an online voting.

Outlook voting

Perhaps voting by various social media will occur to your mind at first. But if the voting is facing a massive number of persons, it will be difficult to count voting results by social media. However, there is another good approach. That is to utilize Outlook voting, which is very simple.

First try to create a new email as usual. In the page of the new email, you should locate and click on the “Options”, in which you will see the “Use Voting Buttons” option. When you select the button, you will see three default voting choices, that is “Reject; Approve”, “Yes; No” and “Yes; No; Maybe”. You can choose one of them if it is suitable for voting. Besides, you could also click “Custom” to create a voting choice as you like. In the popup dialog of “Properties”, you can fill in appropriate voting choices behind the “Using voting buttons” item. For instance, you just want to collect other peoples’ opinions about when the new rules will be carried out officially. You can rule some choice such as tomorrow, next week and next month, etc. After filling in choices, you can just close the dialog and send the email.

Once you send the voting email, the recipients can saw the emails in their Inbox and double click the email to open it. In page of the email, they can pitch on the “Vote” option and click the voting choice you prefer.

As the voting organizer, you can find the original voting email in “Sent Items” and double click it. In the email, you could select corresponding options to track the outlook voting results as well as export the results in a few steps.

Voting is a special capability of MS Outlook, by which it is much better than any other email clients. As we all know, Outlook is also specially designed in lots of other aspects, such as calendar, task and contacts, etc. Nevertheless, one of its drawbacks is that it’s vulnerable to hardware malfunctions, problems in software, power surges or virus infection. Confronted with the situation, you could use Microsoft Outlook repair tool –scanpst.exe to repair PST files, which may be ineffective. Thus it is time to utilize third party software like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It will scan and salvage Outlook files to minimize the loss of data.

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  1. Really interesting. I hadn’t heard of people being able to vote this way, but if it’s a simple way for the government to get the data they need then I’m all for it. Thanks for sharing this!

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