Simple tips to Help you work with tasks in Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client comesth loaded with a host of productivity tools that are designed to help you streamline your work. With the task feature you can keep a tab on activities that you plan to take up in a given period. Moreover you can even assign tasks to your colleagues and mark them out once they have been completed. While the task feature is rather easy to use, just creating a long list of tasks will not be of much help. To effectively manage your tasks you need set them in the proper way and follow the tips mentioned below.


Assign Start Dates to Tasks and Place Tentative Completion dates

Rather than randomly giving a date to a specific task, it is always prudent to assign a clearly planned out start date and a tentative end date. Moreover if you are working in a team, the task list should be shared so that everyone can be on the same page.


Use Custom Priority Fields to clear out the Clutter

While default priority fields available in Outlook can still be used to manage tasks, creating easily recognizable custom priority fields can help you properly track your planned activities. Moreover once you start grouping tasks under a particular priority field, it becomes rather easy to keep a track on corollary activities.


Working with Tasks in the Task Timeline View

When you create a task in Outlook, it automatically appears in your Task timeline view. Now organizing your tasks from this view can be rather fruitful as it gives you the chance to view all the scheduled tasks in coming with a quick glance. In case you wish to change the date associated with a task, you can quickly reach out to it one click. Once a task is completed, the same can also be observed from the timeline view.


Track Tasks by Person Responsible

Since Outlook gives you the facility to assign tasks to different individuals, it also offers you the flexibility to track the status of tasks from the concerned individual. Once you choose this view you see a list of tasks assigned to an individual, their status and the person who had requested the task to be performed.


An Outlook Crash can Place the Data Stored in Task List at Risk

Nearly every other Outlook user who has dealt with the application over the last few years has experienced an application crash at some point or the other. While most crashes are benign, those involving PST errors can prove to be tricky. In case the underlying PST files that store the Outlook application data get corrupted, the encompassed data including emails and your task lists may come at risk. Hence the necessity to keep a powerful pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair exists. The application can bring back your lost data within few minutes and can tackle large files with ease. Moreover it is also useful in managing PST files as it can break them into parts or save them onto a network drive.


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