Why Not Show Reminder Time Directly in Task List for Convenient Check?

When you would like to verify the task reminder time is set correctly or not, you should firstly open the task and check the reminder settings in its own window. This article will provide a quick approach to check without opening the task.

Every time when I create a task, I’m accustomed to add a reminder to it. And out of insurance, I’m inclined to double check the reminder. In the past, I always open the task to check. But recently I learned a new method, namely adding Reminder Time column to the Simple List View.

Add Reminder Time Column to Simple List View

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program and head to Tasks pane, via “Ctrl + 4” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Then switch to “View” tab. Click “Change View” button and select “Simple List” from the dropdown list.Simple List View
  3. Click on another button “View Settings”, which will bring out a new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings: Simple List”. In this dialog, you should hit “Columns” button.Columns in View Settings
  4. Next in the subsequent dialog, you should set “Select available columns from” to “All Tasks Fields.”
  5. Later in the left box, you should locate and pitch on “Reminder Time” items. And click “Add” button to add it to right box. Optionally, you are allowed to utilize “Move Up” or “Move Down” button to change the column order.Add Reminder Time Column to Simple List View in Tasks
  6. Finally click a series of “OK” to back to Outlook Tasks. You can absolutely see the reminder time among the columns.Reminder Time

Recommended Optional Settings for Simple List View

To deal with tasks with reminders more flexibly, here are several suggestions.

  1. You could click on the “Reminder Time” column to re-sort the items.
  2. Provided that you just want to deal with the work tasks with reminders, you are better off removing the irrelevant birthdays or holidays with reminders from the list. You can use “Categories” along with “View Filter” to achieve it with ease.Remove Holidays
  3. Besides, in order to avert those overdue reminders, you should also restrict the list to show the tasks today and after today.Reminder Time on or after Today
  4. In addition, so as to prevent cluttering various views up, it is highly advisable to customize a view focusing on the reminder time.

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