Should a Small Business Using Ms Access give a thought to MS SQL Server

When it comes tosqlserver2012 database solutions typically used in small businesses and even in mid tier firms, the Ms Access application seems to have a predominant presence. The overall ease of use that Access ingrains in itself along with its quick wizard features to create queries and forms, makes it a delight to use. In offices where technical hands are difficult to come by, Access serves a host of needs with minimum effort in learning its functioning Also the fact that it ships with the Ms Office suite simply puts it in reach of every other MIS executive. Now if you are running an Access database in your small business and have never really thought beyond it, its time probably you plan for the future. Access is essentially a very limited application and there can be several reasons why you should look at the SQL Server as your next database solution.


Consider SQL Server if your business is Growing

If your business is growing then it would be very logical to expect that more data would need to be stored and regularly accessed. From a point of scalability SQL Server is far more malleable than MS Access. Also MS SQL Server has the capacity to handle requirements of a growing business and there are different versions of the software available from which you can choose the one that suits you.


Multiple Users are accessing the Access Database at the same time

Access has severe limitations on number of concurrent users who can simultaneously access the database. While the theoretical limit is at 256 users, even at fifty or sixty users you may start experiencing deadlocks and delays in SQL query processing. If you have more than a couple of dozen people accessing your database at the same time, the SQL Server would be a better solution in the long run.


Access Crashes are making your life miserable

As compared to other relational databases, the Access database scores high on user friendliness but comes short on reliability. Since it stores its entire data into a single MDB file, chances of database corruption are rather high. In case you are encountering Access crashes with increasing frequency, its time you think about moving up the ladder to a more stable MS SQL Server database.


Fortify the security of your Business Data in SQL Server with the help of a recovery tool

While compared to an Access database, the SQL Server is without a shred of doubt way more reliable and stable. It also comes equipped with functionality to help you sustain crashes and implement disaster recovery mechanisms. Yet for all its state of the art features, there are times when your SQL database instance can completely topple over and recovering the database remains the only option. To remain prepared for such situations you need to procure a  sql recovery tool like the sophisticated DataNumen SQL Recovery which can come handy in difficult times. Its capacity to work it most SQL editions and recover every possible data element that you have stored in the database makes it a preferred choice. Moreover operating the tool is a piece of cake and you can even use it to get back any record that you eliminated by mistake.


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