Sharing tasks with others in MS Outlook

Working collaboratively in a team becomes easy when you can share tasks via the Ms Outlook email client.

Sharing tasks with others in MS Outlook

A whole lot of advantages can be enjoyed if you use your MS Outlook email client with an MS Exchange Server. One such advantage is the feature of Task Sharing. As the name suggests, when activated, the Task Share Feature enables you to share your tasks in Outlook with others in the office. Be it assigning tasks or taking tasks from others, this feature will help you a lot in doing and getting things done in an easier and more efficient way. In this article, we will enlighten you with how to share tasks with others in Outlook with utmost ease.
Now, for those of you who really want to use the function of task sharing in Outlook, we will describe this feature in elaborate detail. Basically, task sharing works via sharing a request for email messages or by sharing invitations. When you send a sharing invitation for the default Task Folder in your Outlook account, you can also ask for the recipient to share their Task Folder too in exchange.
In order to share your default folders with everyone around, you first need to go to the My Tasks Option from the Navigation Pane and then right click on the option of Default Tasks Folder. After this choose on the option of Change Sharing Permissions. Here you can mention the Name in the Name Box and then select Default. Once this is done, choose a Permission Level under Permissions Option. You must note that you will get a number of Permission Options like Owner, Publishing Author, Editor, Contributor, Reviewer, Custom, Author and even none.
When you share tasks in Outlook, make sure to tick mark the box with Allow Recipient to View Your Tasks Folder. Also, bear in mind that you have the option to check or uncheck the box with Request Permission to View Recipient’s Tasks Folder. Moreover, at any moment of time, you can even change someone’s access permissions to your default task folders. For this you just need to go to the My Tasks Option from the Navigation Pane and select the Change Sharing Permissions. You can here choose to Change Permissions for Everyone or a particular person and set the Permissions under the Permission Level.
Users on the other hand are advised to enjoy a better task sharing experience for delegating task ownerships through Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SharePoint. There you can view the tasks shared within the MS Office Outlook 2007 version. Another useful tip worth mentioning in respect to task sharing in Outlook is that some tasks can also be marked as private so as to prevent others to view them from the sharing folders.
One must note that for sharing task folders in Outlook with others, you need to use any of the MS Exchange Servers be it the 2000, 2003 or 2007 version or latest iterations. Personal Outlook accounts without MS Exchange Servers are not compatible with this useful feature of task sharing.

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