Sharing Google Calendar Data with the Ms Outlook Calendar

The Google calendar has over the recent years gained a sizeable number of users. It offers a host of features for free and syncs well with mobile devices, especially those which run on the Android operating system. Quite naturally a number of Outlook users too have chosen to use the Google calendar and yet they cannot give up on the Outlook calendar which remains a formidable utility in itself. In fact many office users hope to actively use both Google and Outlook calendars and are looking at ways to share data between them. Well till recently it was very easy sharing the data between the two calendars when Outlook calendar Synch was available from Google. However with Google withdrawing the service, the easy option before you involves using the export/import features in the both the software to share data.



Importing and Exporting Data Between the two applications

The simplest way to share data between the two applications involves exporting the data from one and importing the same into the other. To Export data from Google calendar, please follow the steps listed below

  1. Login into Google Calendar
  2. Next click on the Gears icon and then click on Settings
  3. Now from Calendars click on Export Calendars
  4. Export the content in form of an .ics file

Once you have exported the Google calendar data and saved its .ics file on your system, open the Ms Outlook application. Next go to the File tab and click on Import and Export option. When the next screen shows up, choose Import an iCalendar file. Next follow the onscreen instructions to import the previously downloaded .ics file from Google calendar. Once the import process is completed, Google calendar entries would show up in the Outlook calendar.


Third Party Tools

It is important to note that several third party software tools are still available which can sync the data between Google Calendar and Outlook calendar. A simple search on the internet will lead you to many such software applications. However before purchasing such software, it is better to check out a trial version.


Outlook Calendars are clearly vulnerable to PST crashes

As with other data stored in the Ms Outlook application, calendar entries too are vulnerable to PST crashes. An Outlook crash originating out of a PST error can compromise all your calendars and can literally mess up your schedules. Now if you are looking to avoid such a scenario then you need to invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to facilitate the extraction of your data from compromised files in quick time.  This sophisticated program is capable of tackling several corrupt files at once and is not held back by either the location or the size of the PST file. Moreover the tool can negotiate password protected files with equal ease. Irrespective of the type of email content you have, with this tool, everything can be brought back, including embedded files and attachments.


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