Setting Up a Personalized calendar in Ms Outlook 2013 – A Primer

In this article we look at creating a customized calendar for ourselves, tailored to our needs.

Setting Up a Personalized calendar in Ms Outlook 2013 – A Primer
In this highly competitive world, only people with no responsibilities and can live a life without a calendar. Keeping this fact in mind, MS Outlook offers you with the option of Personalized Calendar Feature that can be used with utmost ease. With the Calendar Feature in Outlook, you can easily organize your days and time in a better way. Not only, does this feature enables you to schedule appointments but also allows you to view days, months, weeks and years and share your availability with others. Read on to know how to set up a personalized calendar in MS Outlook 2013.
Whether you agree or not, your productivity relies on how efficient you are in managing your events and time. Perhaps, this is where the role of Calendar becomes vital in MS Outlook. The best part about Calendar in MS Outlook 2013 is that you can even use it without an email account. You can easily personalize your calendar by changing the appearance and arrangements. For this you just need to go to the View Tab under the Calendar Option and you will get to see a whole variety of styles that can be used in your calendar depending on your respective needs.
Moreover, under the View Tab, you can actually add on a number of views to change the appearance of your calendar. Go to the To-Do Bar and add people, tasks, calendars and other things as per your need and feel free to personalize your calendar. Remember, that the To-Do Bar is customizable but you will need to re-enable it once you go to your inbox. Another important parameter in calendar is the Daily Calendar View and Daily Task View that can be personalized too according to your wish and here you can see your due tasks and events.
The main advantage of personalizing your calendar in MS Outlook is the ease of adding appointments and meetings. From day to date and venue, every particular detail for a meeting or get together can be set in the calendar. This is not all; you can even mention the start and the end time in a particular event appointment with utmost ease. All you need to do is to go to the option of New Meeting under the Home Tab. At this time, you can even request for Response Option, so that the invitees respond with RSVP.
Apart from this, you can easily modify or cancel meetings or even track responses in your personalized calendar. In order to modify a meeting or alert your invitee, you first need to go to that particular event from Calendar and do the required changes. After this, simply click on the option of Send Update and the invitees will get to know of the changes you did in the calendar.
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