Setting Message Priority Options in Outlook

Setting Message Priority Options in Outlook

Microsoft has done a great job by allowing the users to set the level of importance for each and every email message. Yes, you guessed it right; we are indeed talking about the Message Priority Feature of MS Outlook. With this smart feature, you are allowed to indicate whether a message needs a quick attention or can be left for reading later. We are here to acquaint you with the whole procedure of setting message priority options and its advantages in Outlook.

To start with, we will be discussing the method to change the importance level of an email message. For this you need to first go to the Message Tab and select the Options Group. After this pick the option of Low Importance or the High Importance as per your preference. When you select High Importance Level you will see a visual indication in the form of a red exclamation mark inserted next to that message subject. While a blue exclamation mark will appear next to the message subject if you set it to Low Importance Level. In order to change the priority level for all the new messages, you need to go to the File Tab and then select the Options and go to the Mail Option. After this go to the Default Importance Level list under Send Messages. Once this is done, you just need to choose the Normal, High or Low Option and you are done.

Another way to set the Message Priority Level is by clicking on the Message Tab that is present on the Ribbon and choosing the Dialog Box Launcher from the Tags Group. You will then need to go to the Settings and select the Importance List Arrow and finally pick a preferred option available in the list and click on Close. This is not all; you can even add a sensitivity setting to enable the recipient to see how to treat an email message as per its importance level. Bear in mind that each sensitivity setting enables the recipient to take a proper action for an email message.

At present, there are Four Sensitivity Level Options provided for an email. First one is the Normal Level with no sensitivity level indicated and no text displayed in the info bar. Second one is the Private Level in which the recipient gets to see a specific message in the info bar and that is Please Treat As Private. Third option is the Personal Level through which the info bar indicates the message Please Treat As Personal to the recipient. Last option is the Confidential Level that indicates the message Please Treat As Confidential to the recipient in the info bar. In order to set the sensitivity level for an email message, you just need to go to the Message Tab and choose the Options and Message Options under it. After this go to the Message Settings and pick the Sensitivity Option and choose any of the above mentioned four levels.

It is a fact that many of us unknowingly ignore the important mails due to a flood of emails received in our Inbox and this is where Message Priority Options comes in for the rescue. Rest assured none of your important message will get ignored by the recipient or you when you set the right priority level in Outlook.

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