What Should You Do When Sending Emails with Pictures?

When emails with large pictures, sending them will be difficult. In this article, we will learn to compress pictures to promote email delivery.

Everyone must have found that it is too difficult to send out the emails with pictures. As we all know, it may be because that there are too many pictures or the pictures are too large. Actually in contrast with sending failure, sending slowly is a better consequence. However, I believe that both are not our ideal results.

Compress Pictures in Outlook

Perhaps you may consider to make these pictures into a compressed folder. But sometimes you need to present the pictures directly to your customers. Everybody prefers to see pictures rather than a string of characters. If your customers can see colorful pictures directly, possibility of cooperation agreement will be increased a lot. Thus it is significant to show the pictures in the emails. In fact, there is another good approach to reduce the pictures’ sizes. That is to compress pictures by Outlook.

Here are the concrete steps to compress pictures by Outlook: 

  1. Create a new email. Then fill in the related email address, subject and write down the contents as usual.
  2. You could see “Insert” option beside “Message”. Click on it. In the “Insert” menu, there is “Picture” option in the frame of “Illustrations”. Click it, and in the new window, you could search out the pictures to be inserted. Find and select the pictures to insert successfully.
  3. After you insert the pictures, it will turn into a menu of “Picture Tools”, in which you could find the “Compress Picture” button. Click it and then a popup window will arise. In it, you would be required to tick the item – Email (96ppi): minimize document size for sharing, which is especially designed for email delivery. Finally click “OK” and send the email. You will find that the emails with these pictures will be sent out faster than ever before.

Apart from picture tools, there are many hidden tools in Outlook. Once you activate some functions, related tools may appear as well. Someone may be confident in using Outlook flexibly, but few of them could assuredly say that they are totally expert in Outlook. Outlook still has many capabilities to be explored for us. While although it is magic software, it is also easily attacked by various sudden problems, such as power surge, windows breakdown, software upgrade, etc. As long as outlook files are inaccessible, it is time for us to utilize a third party tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair for outlook recovery. It will scan and fix the corrupted files, thereby minimizing the corruption and loss of data.

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