How to Send a Sheet to Outlook Contacts in MS Excel

We can send a sheet to Outlook Contacts directly in MS Excel software, just via enabling a button – “Send to Mail Recipient”.

When it comes to sending a sheet in Excel by e-mail, we are used to attaching the Excel file to a message. Unquestionably, even novices can just click “Attach File” icon and then add the target file to a message. However, as an adage goes, every coin has two sides. The same holds true for Outlook attachments. Although sending emails with sheets as appendages is pretty simple, it cannot permit recipients to see its content visually. What recipients can see at first is only a file icon, which doesn’t belong to message body.

In fact, we can directly send sheets as message body to mail recipient in MS Excel. Moreover, in this manner, we needn’t exit Excel and open Outlook to send the sheet any more. The whole process of editing and sending can be completed in one application. If interested in this operation, you can follow the steps below.

Send a Sheet to Outlook Contacts Directly in MS Excel

  1. At the very outset, we should open Excel application and go to “File” menu, in which select “Options” item.
  2. In the popup window called “Excel Options”, choose “Quick Access Toolbar”.Add "Send to Mail Recipient" in Excel Options
  3. In “Choose Commands from” field, select “All Commands” in drop-down list. Then find out “Send to Mail Recipient” command in the left box, and click “Add” button in center, adding it to the right box. Finally click “OK” to save it. After back to “Home” page, we can find the corresponding icon located at the upper left corner.
  4. Next we can create a new spreadsheet as usual. After finishing the sheet, just click “Send to Mail Recipient” icon. We would be required to select “send the current sheet as the message body”.Send a Sheet to Outlook Contacts in MS Excel
  5. Later a ribbon about an Outlook New Message will show up, in which we can enter recipient’s address, subject and brief introduction, etc. We can click the small icon like a book, which will open Outlook Contacts. In addition, we are also allowed to set flags, importance level and so on. After sending out, we can check this email in Outlook Inbox as well.Check the Email in Outlook

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