How to Send Personalized Emails to Multiple Contacts via a Form Letter

When you try to send personalized emails to many contacts without them knowing each other, sending one by one is the most stupid method. Mail merge allows you to write one form letter, which contains each recipient’s own info.

Using Mail Merge from Outlook is very simple. In this mail merge example, we will send an email to selected contacts. This email aims to ask them whether their birthday and telephone number are correct.

Use Mail Merge to Send Personalized Emails

1. At the very outset, go to Outlook Contacts Pane, in which you should select the contacts to be sent emails. To select multiple irregular contacts, you can press “Ctrl” and meanwhile select your desired ones. To select all, you can press “Ctrl + A” keyboard shortcut.

2. After selecting the contact, locate and click “Mail Merge” button in the group of “Actions”.Mail Merge

3. Then a new dialog box will show up.Mail Merge Contacts

  • In “Contacts” options, you have two choices, namely all contacts or only selected contacts. You can choose one of them as per you likes.
  • In “Merge Options”, you should set “Merge to” to “E-mail” and then fill in custom email subject in “Message subject line” field.

4. After clicking “OK”, MS Word will open with a new document. The window will stay under “Mailing” ribbon automatically.Mailing Ribbon in MS Word

5. Next you should start to write a form letter with assorted variables.

  • Firstly, you need to insert a greeting line, such as “Dear John” or “To John”. You should click “Greeting Line” and specify it in the new dialog box. You are allowed to preview the greetings as well.Insert Greeting Line

Note: You can customize preferred greeting words by directly changing “Dear” to others, like “Hello” or “Hi”, etc.Change Greetings

  • After finishing greeting line, click “OK”, you can see “«GreetingLine»” in the document. Press “Enter” to start a new line.Greeting Line
  • Here you can write what you want to say to the contacts. For instance, “Company will congratulate to you when your birthdays are coming. You will also get an exquisitely prepared present. Now, please verify whether your birthday info and telephone number is right or not.”
  • After typing the above words, press “Enter” to start another new line. Then you need to add their birthday. Click “Insert Merge Field” and select “Birthday” from the drop down list.Insert Brithday Line
  • Press “Enter” to begin a new line for telephone number. Click “Insert Merge Field” button and locate “Phone’ field. There are many phone fields, such as business phone, home phone and primary phone and so on. You can choose one or more as per your wishes.Insert Phone Number
  • Press “Enter” to write your conclusion, like: “Yours Sincerely  Shirley”

After finishing the above steps, you will get the following lines in the document.

All Lines in Document

6. Later you should click “Finish & Merge” button at the end of “Mailing” ribbon and select “Send Email Messages”.Send Email Messages

7. Finally, a new dialog bow will turn up. You can directly click “OK”. Later you can return to Outlook. The merged emails are being sent out absolutely.Merge to Email

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