How to Send Emails to Contacts in the Same Category

When you intend to send emails to multiple contacts in the same category, you will find that in “To” field, you cannot sort your address book by category. Thus it will be difficult to enter target contacts. This article will teach you two tips pertaining to this issue.

In fact there is a quick approach to send emails to a group of contacts that belong to one category, namely making contacts listed by category and sending emails to them. But this method is only effective when you want to send a new email to them. If you want to forward or reply an email, you have to create a new contact group. Here are the steps for the two cases.

Group by Category and Send Email

  1. At first, launch Outlook application and head to “Contacts” pane.
  2. Then you need to head to “View” tab, under which you should click “Change View” and select “List” from the view list. After returning to Contacts, you can see that all contacts are grouped by category automatically.Group Contacts by Category in List View
  3. Select the group header of one category and click “Email” button in ribbon.Send Emails to the Selected Group
  4. You will receive a prompt, which asks whether apply this action to all items in this group. You can just click “OK” to turn to the next step.Apply to All Items in the Selected Group
  5. Next it will open a New Message window. You can find that all contacts in this category will be in “To” field.
  6. Finally you can enter concrete message information as usual and click “Send”.

Create a Contact Group for a Category

  1. Take the first 5 steps in “Group by Category and Send Email” part above.
  2. Then locate the “To” field. Press “Ctrl + A” to select all contacts.
  3. Make use of another shortcut – “Ctrl + C” to copy them. Next close the current window and go back to “Outlook Contacts”.
  4. Click “New Contact Group” in Home ribbon. In the subsequent window, click “Add Members” button and choose “From Outlook Contacts”.Add Members
  5. In the new popup dialog, move your cursor to the “Members” field, and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the contacts.Paste Copied Contacts to Member Field
  6. Click “OK” and name this contact group, and click “Save & Close” finally.

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