How to Save Your Time by Utilizing AutoText Feature in Word

This article will introduce you a quick trick to understand AutoText feature so as to save your valuable time.

From time to time, when you create a Word document of a certain topic, you have a strong possibility of typing same words or inserting same images over and over again. This is totally killing your patience. Actually, if you get familiar with what Word is capable of, you will find that you can save blocks of text or pictures into AutoText. As a result, you won’t have to type them again when the time comes.

Following are thorough instructions to bring you closer to efficient work.

Add New AutoText Entries

  1. First of all, select the word or block of text or even an image which you want to add to AutoText. For instance, we here can select “Word documents”.
  2. Then, click “Insert” on “Menu Bar”.
  3. Click “Quick Parts” in “Text” group.
  4. On the drop-down menu, Choose “AutoText”.
  5. Next click “Save Selection to AutoText Gallery”.Click "Insert" -> Click "Quick Parts" -> Click "AutoText" -> Click "Save Selection to AutoText Gallery"
  6. The “Create New Building Block” window will pop up. Type the name of your selected words into the “Name” text box. Here we will just go with “Word documents”.
  7. Click “Ok” button. Now, a new entry has been added to AutoText.Type Name in "Name" Text Box -> Click "OK"

How to Insert an AutoText Entry into Your Word Document

We here will offer you two easy methods to insert an AutoText entry into your file.

Method 1: Insert an AutoText Entry by Typing First Few Letters

  1. Type first four letters of the name.
  2. Then you can see a balloon providing you the next move.Type the First Four Letters and You Can See Full Text in the Balloon Shown-> Press "F3" or "Enter" to Insert Words
  3. Press “Enter” or “F3” and you shall be able to insert the whole information you need.

Method 2: Insert an AutoText Entry with the Help of Options on “Menu Bar”

  1. Put your cursor right at the place where the entry needs to go.
  2. Click “Insert”.
  3. Then click “Quick Parts” option.
  4. Next, click “AutoText” on the drop-down menu.
  5. At last, choose the entry you need.Click "Insert" ->Click "Quick Parts" ->Click "AutoText"->Choose the Text You  Need

Organize and Delete an AutoText Entry

In fact, you probably won’t need some AutoText entries once you finish one document. Then here comes the need to organize and delete some of them.

  1. Click “Insert”.
  2. Choose “Quick Parts”.
  3. Click “AutoText”.
  4. Right click the entry you need to manage.
  5. Then choose “Organize and Delete”.Right Click the Text ->Choose "Organize and Delete"
  6. Now there will be a “Building Blocks Organizers” window. You see the entry name has been selected. On the left-down side of it, there are three buttons: “Edit Proper ties”, “Delete” and “Insert”. Continue to operate according to your need.Click "Edit Proper ties" or "Delete" or "Insert" According to Your Need

Prepare for Document Corruption

Sure, no one wants his file getting damaged. However, bad luck tracks us down now and them. So I suggest all of you shall make full preparation for file corruption disaster.

At preventive stage, the best way is to take backups. Besides, you’d better try to avoid processing images or data too frequent in Word. Also, be sure you have got familiar with the built-in function in Word and if possible, get a third-party doc repair tool will be better.

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