How to Save an Outlook Email as a PDF File

As we all know, PDF file is the most appropriate to manage important data due to its document fidelity. Thus to protect a significant email, why don’t you save it as a PDF file?

Save an Email as a PDF FileWhen it comes to saving an Outlook email as a PDF file, many people consider applying Adobe Acrobat software to accomplish it. However, if without it, how can you achieve it? Here are two methods to export the email as a PDF file without the help of Adobe Acrobat software.

Use “Microsoft Print to PDF” Feature in Windows 10

If your computer is running on Windows 10, saving an email as PDF file to local will be a considerably simple matter. In Win 10, Outlook offers “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature to users.

  1. At first, select the email to be exported as a PDF file.
  2. Then head to “File” > “Print”.
  3. Next from the drop down list of “Printer”, select “Microsoft Print to PDF”.Use “Microsoft Print to PDF” Feature in Windows 10
  4. Click “Print” button. A new dialog box of “Save Print Output As”, you can save the email as PDF file to your desired destination folder and assign a name to it.

Save an Email as a PDF File via Microsoft OneNote

If you aren’t using Windows 10, you will of course have no this feature. However, you can achieve it with the aid of MS OneNote, which is also a part of MS Office Suite.

  1. At the very outset, launch MS OneNote.
  2. Then in its main interface, click “New Page” button. A new blank page will appear called “Untitled Page”.Create a New Page in MS OneNote
  3. Next return to MS Outlook. Select the target email in Mail pane and then go to “File” > “Print”.
  4. Under “Print” tab, choose “Send to OneNote” from the drop down list of “Printer”.Send to OneNote
  5. After that, click “Print” button above.
  6. Later a new dialog box of “Select a Location in OneNote” will arise. In it, you should find and select the previously created new untitled page. And click “OK” button.Select Location in OneNote
  7. Immediately the email will be exported into the selected OneNote page. You should select the page, go to “File” menu and switch to “Save As” tab.
  8. Under “Save As” tab, in step 1, select “current page”. and in step 2, select “PDF(*.pdf)”.Save as PDF
  9. Click “Save As” button in the bottom right corner of the current interface.
  10. Finally in the new popup dialog box, select a destination to save the PDF file and specify a name to it.

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