Safeguarding PST Files to Avoid Errors or Data Loss

Whatever you need to do to protect your emailimages data, do it! Why would you wait to lose your data before resorting to fruitless efforts to recover them? Surprisingly, most computer users do not bother to take precautions in order to safeguard their data from possible loss. Only when the loss has occurred, you will notice these people wheeling to technicians to perform their technological miracles. Why so? Why not just implement simple measures in order to avoid post loss rush? It’s truly unexplainable.

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. You shouldn’t forget a trifle to do all within your means to protect your information.

Users of MS Outlook are not any better. In fact, every day presents a high probability of the PST files being corrupted or even lost because of the assorted reasons that include improper program shutdown, virus attacks, accidental deletion, hardware damage, just to mention a few. What’s even more surprising is that MS Outlook has in-built tool meant to help you take regular stock of your PST files and whether they have any errors. And it’s not just a matter of taking stock; this tool is also capable of repairing damaged PST files.

If you are using MS Outlook for your information management and emailing, here are some things that you need to implement to avoid embarrassment or even unwarranted panic brought about by data loss.


Safeguards to prevent PST Problem for Next Time:

  • Don’t exceed the PST file size restrict – You may divide your PST into several PST files so as to keep up with the file size and avoid any kind of corruption because of oversized PST.
  • Avoid maintaining PST files or even PST file backups on network moderate since these types of places are susceptible to malware attack.
  • Regularly remove undesirable and also unneeded email items to lessen the particular PST file size.
  • Avoid unexpected system shutdown whilst Outlook is running. Also make it a habit to exit Outlook software instead of tersely closing the MS Outlook window.
  • In a situation where your PST file notifies you that it has errors, you ought to repair it as quickly as possible. The reason being that it can cause further damage to the inner structure of the PST file, which may become difficult to fix later.
  • Ensure that you install the latest antivirus and make sure that you keep it constantly updated.
  • Run regular PST file scans using the in-built Scanpst.exe and repair errors as soon as they are detected.

Still, these precautions aren’t foolproof, though they go a long way in heightening the security of your data. Where you have been caught unawares and you’ve lost your PST files or they have simply become inaccessible due to file corruption, you can use DataNumen to recover them. This application is an advanced Outlook repair tool that will help you recover every component of your PST files and further allow you to save it into any of the diverse file formats it supports.


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