Running a Mid tier firm – Here’s why you need to upgrade your SQL Server database to the 2016 edition

In this article we look at motivators for midsized firm to upgrade to the 2016 edition of SQL Server.

SQL Server 2016For any kind of business it is always important to have a well managed database, as it can help it grow vertically as well as horizontally. A mid tier firm is most likely to use the standard edition of SQL Server 2012, which lacks a very important function of Business Intelligence (BI). BI as the name suggests, helps perform lot of important and intelligent functions, essential for the growth of the business, for example- functions like, compiling a list of customer preferences, shopping patterns etc. This feature of BI is available in the enterprise edition of SQL Server 2012, at a high cost, in the 2016 edition of SQL Server the BI function is available at no extra cost. Apart from this reason there are many other reasons why you should opt for SQL Server 2016. A few of those reasons are listed below:

  1. SQL Server Azure CloudBenefits of Azure Cloud – Azure cloud is the free cloud service available exclusively to the users of MS SQL Server. The 2016 edition provides for huge amounts of storage in Azure cloud thus reducing storage costs. It also provides for faster backups and disaster recovery. The additional feature of Stretch Database allows easy access to historical data.
  1. Opt for more robust and secure database solutions – Data encryption protects hot as well as cold data. Encryption also enables stretching of databases in the Azure cloud and still retains the encryption key, providing unmatched hybrid scenarios
  1. Enjoy high end performance and scalability options – 2016 edition of SQL Server comes with features like Cluster service, AlwaysOn availability Groups, Stretch Databases etc which not only provide a high end performance, but also allow for scalability of the systems which are faster and help in critical mission and analytics.
  1. Full fledged BI solutions at minimal cost – This provides end-to-end BI solutions for mobile without requiring the user to pay for each named user. It delivers a BI solution at a cost which is only a fraction of Tableau and Qliktech.
  1. Access best in class OLTP technology – With the 2016 edition of SQL Server database, mid size firm can exploit the powers of In-Memory OLTP processing which are way beyond anything that was offered in the last iteration.

In the life cycle of a mid size firm, a stage comes where it looks forward to evolve into an enterprise. SQL Server 2016 can provide you the platform for dynamic growth by allowing you to create highly responsive line of business applications. This will in turn allow your firm to steal a march on your competitors by delivering better business advantages to your customers. You will not only be able to attract more customers but might also be able to deviate loyal customers of another brand to prefer your brand. These were just few of the many reasons why you should opt for SQL Server 2016 for your mid tier firm, once you make the shift, you will soon begin to see its benefits.

Most midsized organizations are acutely vulnerable in the event of a debilitating SQL crash

Mid sized firms often do not have the failsafe measures present in enterprise standard implementation of SQL server and in many cases they are short of qualified technical teams too. In such a scenario, a debilitating SQL crash put the data stored in a SQL database at acute risk. To protect their records, mid sized firms need to consider recover sql tools like DataNumen SQL Recovery. Widely acknowledged as the best recovery tool in its class, this remarkable software is capable of bringing back every index and data records present in the SQL file before the crash. It also has the capability to initiate recovery from nearly every media storage format with ease.

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