How to Run SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Learn more about SQL Server’s extension to Linux Platform and how was it done!

SQL Server 2017 has extended its availability for Linux Platform recently and it has become the talk of the town since the day it was announced. Microsoft’s move to integrate Linux platform with SQL proves that Microsoft is sincere on its front for being an open source oriented company and according to the company the move was however essential as they no longer wanted to limit their customers to windows for database management.

SQL on Linux was announced in March and the company has recently launched its first Public Preview SQL Server v.Next CTP1 at their conference. Microsoft’s move was praised and garnered positive reactions from their active users and communities. The preview got 21,000 downloads from its users in just two weeks of its release.Learn How You Can Run SQL Server 2017 On Linux

Let’s find out some insights about the SQL Server on Linux.


SQLPALThe inclusion of SQL server in the world of Linux was made possible with the help of Platform Abstraction Layer. The layer basically helped in aligning all the platform specific codes and OS in one place. The PAL was never brought to use because of SQL Server’s long term commitment to Windows but everything is different with Linux. To bring SQL to Linux, there was a need to bring fully functional scale value of SQL Server RDBMS and performance to Linux platform. It was required that the applications which worked well on windows should work with equal ease on Linux. To achieve that, it was decided that an integration process should be implemented with some parts of Microsoft Research Project ‘Drawbridge’ and SQL Server Operating system. Their integration is called SQLPAL. Drawbridge helped in providing abstraction between existing operating system and applications for secure containers. It also provided better and effective memory management and IO services and thread scheduling.

With the creation of SQLPAL, Linux was able to use the windows dependencies with the help of Drawbridge Design which focused on Operating System abstraction. There are also ongoing changes in SQL database engine code for better resource functionality.  SQL servers can now by-pass the libraries of Windows and call into SQLPAL.

Linux Support Requirements

To support SQL Server RDBMS on Linux, there are basic requirements which should be considered and implemented.

  • The applications on Windows and Linux should have compatibility.
  • Both the platforms should provide the same value in functionality and scale and performance.
  • Factors like quality and Security must be very high for SQL Servers on Linux platforms.
  • The newer editions or features or Suite services should also be available on Linux.
  • Innovations in the SQL Code Base are required to ensure smooth running of new features and sql repair in all platforms.

SQL server still largely depends on Microsoft Windows because of three decades of innovative development behind it. Thus, careful engineering is required to reduce or remove the dependency of SQL server on MS Windows so that it could be made available for multiple platforms.

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