Is It Right to Perform Logical Data Recovery on Physically Damaged Hard Drive?

When a hard drive malfunctions, majority of users are used to performing logical data recovery on this drive, namely using data recovery software. Yet, is it right to do that on a physically damaged drive? This post will discuss this in depth.

In the cotemporary era, due to the fact that mechanical hard drive is reliable and more cost effective, it is one of the most widely used data storage devices. Yet, it’s still vulnerable owing to its sensitive moving components. Therefore, it is always suggested to back up hard drive data regularly, so that even though encountering data corruption like corrupt PST file, users can restore data from backups easily. However, if without backups, you have to perform annoying data recovery.

Is It Right to Perform Logical Data Recovery on Physically Damaged Hard Drive?

As we all know, there is so much data recovery software on today’s market. Thus, although not figuring out the real reasons behind hard drive failures, many users tend to try such software. But, is it indeed right to perform such logical recovery on a physical damaged hard drive? Virtually, not only is it unable to retrieve data, but also it can cause irreparable harm to the drive, leading to fatal data loss. Now, thereinafter, we will delve into this topic in detail.

Physically Damaged Hard Drive

So-called physically damaged hard drive refers to that some drive’s components are corrupted. For instance, the drive heads that are responsible for reading and writing data are damaged. Or printed circuit board encounters short circuit. Also, the most common physical damages include bad sectors on hard drive. Here we’ll take bad sectors as an example.

Further Damage Will Be Caused

When you running recovery software on a hard drive, the drive will be powered on and the drive head will begin to work, reading information on the hard drive. Under this circumstance, the head will be forced to read a bad sector when you command the software to make a full disk scan or clone the disk, etc. However, in fact, the bad sectors are inaccessible. Thereby, the software will instruct the head to try it over and over again. In this situation, the head will get seriously damaged and scatter the drive platter severely. Without any doubts, further damage will be caused.

When to Perform Logical Data Recovery

After reading the above, many users may be confused about when is the suitable for running data recovery software. Generally, you can safely attempt logical data recovery in the following cases, including mistaken file deletion, accidental drive formatting, operating system re-installation, virus infection, deleted partition and so on.

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