2 Quick Steps to Retrieve Missing Social Connector

Some people have complained a lot about missing social connector. In this article I will introduce how to get it back.

Many people will appreciate Outlook social connector very much. Due to the fact that it is a bridge between social networks and Outlook, making flexible of it will allow us to connect Outlook contacts with both our personal and business social networks.

The place where social connector locates is called People Pane, which is usually positioned at the bottom of the email content. It contains a myriad of information of our interactive items with sender, such as emails, meetings and attachments, etc. What is pretty worthy of a mention about its capabilities is that we can see all the sender’s status updates from the social networks in one location – People Pane. This permits us to see people’s updates in social networks without needs to open social websites.

However, it is unfortunate that social connector may be missing at times. We can’t find it, and sometimes we even can’t locate “People Pane” button in “View” tab. Follow the steps below, and we will recover it successfully.

First: Check View Setting of Outlook People Pane

  1. In “Home” page, we should switch to “View” tab.
  2. Then we could locate the “People Pane” button. Click it to check if the pane is off or not. Obviously, if it is off, we cannot see social connector below email contents. So we can simply select “Minimized” or “Normal” to make it shown.People Pane in View Tab

More unfortunately, if we don’t see the People Pane button next to the “Layout” ribbon, which comprises “Navigation Pane”, “Reading Pane” and “To-Do Bar”. We had better define whether Outlook social connector add-in is activated.

Second: Verify Whether Outlook Social Connector Is Enabled

  1. For a start go to “File” menu and select “Options”. Then in the new window of “Outlook Options” click penultimate option – “Add-Ins”.
  2. In “Add-ins” page, we would be required to click “Go” button at the bottom.
  3. Later a new dialog box called “COM Add-Ins” will arise, in which we should ensure the checkbox next to “Microsoft Outlook Social Connector” is marked.Outlook Social Connector Add-ins

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Author Introduction:

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