How to Restore Auto-Archived Items in Outlook

If you’ve activated auto-archive, it is easier to restore corrupted items. In this article, we will explore how to retrieve archived items.

After we deleted the messages in Outlook, we often need to look at them. Then if we haven’t ever activated auto-archive, we will regret and have nothing to bring back the messages, other than restoring to third party software such as DataNumen Outlook Repair.

Outlook Auto-archive

Auto-archive is one of useful functions in Outlook, which will assist users to remove and archive the older files. People who master auto-archive in Outlook will prefer to remove the older or expired items by it. As they know, the items wouldn’t be deleted permanently but just moved to another file, namely “archive.pst” file. Since auto-archive has this advantage, it will be much easier for users to retrieve those items, which has been archived by auto-archive.

Certainly, restoring items using auto-archive requires us to locate the “archive.pst” at first. Only once we find the file, we will proceed with restoring process.

We can locate and retrieve archived items using auto-archive as followings.

  1. Locate the Archive.pst

If you can’t find the “Archive.pst” in your profile, you could follow the steps below to find out it.

  • For a start, you should open Outlook.
  • Go to the “File” page, and click the “Options”.
  • Then you need to find and click on “Advanced”.
  • In “Advanced”, you should click the “Auto-Archive Settings” button.
  • In the popup window, you would find an item of “move items to”, under which there is the concrete location where the items have been archived. You could find the “archive.pst” according to the routine.
  1. Restore archived messages

When you find out the “Archive.pst”, what you need to do is to move it back to your Outlook data file.

  • With the intention to move it back, you could choose to use Import Commands. But this way is a little bit involute and cost more steps. Thus I don’t suggest it.
  • Another good approach is just going to “File” page. Then click “Open” and “Open Outlook Data Files”. Next locate the “Archive.pst” to open it. Finally directly drag the targeted items in left part to related data folder in right part.

Obviously, auto-archive can help us restore the older items. Therefore, if we make full use of auto-archive, we will avoid unnecessary troubles. But if outlook files are corrupted seriously due to various hardware or software problems, auto-archive will not work effectively. In this case, we are better off utilizing third party software, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. This tool specializes in outlook recovery, which will scan the corrupted files and recover the maximum data.

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