Responding to Excel Problems

Microsoft Excel is the premier spreadsheet management software on the market today and has been for years. It’s numerous uses include complex data analysis and summation that supports the day to day operations of countless businesses around the world. It is fair to say that this program is essential to many businesses. However, frequently errors and inconsistencies can occur when dealing with large, complex, or most frequently, old spreadsheets. These can range from incorrect outputs from cell equations, to character display errors resulting from corrupted file material. Here are a few handy suggestions when confronted with an unruly spreadsheet.

If the error appears to be an incorrect numerical outcome, the likely cause is an error in the equation language used for that cell. This can happen when the inputs for a certain cell’s equation contain equations of their own, that when combined, need to be rewritten to interact correctly. Another cause can be improper spreadsheet construction as the result of poor technical knowledge of Excel. Excel is a product with many invaluable mechanics and equations, and when someone who doesn’t understand these tools constructs a large spreadsheet without making use of them the resulting creation can be an unwieldy nightmare of a file.

If the error is something resulting from software issues, the fix will likely  require a more technical response. Excel spreadsheets are accessed frequently and from a wide range of devices and software platforms, this can leave them somewhat open to attack from a host of malware. Excel spreadsheets are often emailed and transferred between devices as well, and this makes them a prime target for unsavory programs. Signs of infection can include slow, lagging, spreadsheets with data that fails to load with proper formatting or fails to save changes. When an issue like this is encountered this spreadsheet should be immediately isolated, and other copies should be examined to see if they too show signs of infection. If damage to the document has occurred it will often be necessary to apply Excel repair software. This software can repair excel spreadsheets showing corruption and return them to their original state. Such tools can be vital in the wake of a virus or malware attack.

Making sure that spreadsheets are created and edited using up to date and correct equations and techniques can insure they function correctly practically forever. With these practices and correct responses to malware or other software problems Excel offers the businessman’s best option for a range of applications.

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including outlook repair, sql recovery, word recovery and excel software products. For more information visit

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