Resolving a Login Attempt Fail Error in Ms Outlook

For most users thwho happen to regularly use the Outlook email client, error messages thrown out by the email client is a common occurrence. Resolving most of these error messages requires bit of a study and some error solving techniques like an application reinstall. However certain error messages may require a bit more effort to resolve and a Login attempt fail error comes in this class. In this article we would look at issue in detail and offer you tips to resolve it.


Error Occurs while connecting to a POP3 account like Yahoo Mail

In case you receive a login attempt fail error while connecting to a POP3 email account such as Yahoo mail etc, there is a good chance that you are entering the wrong password. Sometimes users do not store their passwords in the Outlook application and manually enter the same each time the application tries to connect. In case you are entering the incorrect password or ignoring the fact that your password is case sensitive, such an error may occur.

However the error can even occur when you have saved the password and the correct password is being entered. In such cases you should first restart the system and check if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists you should delete the existing Outlook profile for the said email ID and create a fresh one. In most cases a fresh Outlook profile is enough to see the back of this problem.


Experiencing a Login Fail Error in an Ms Exchange Setup

Now if you are using Outlook to access your official email over an Ms Exchange setup, such an error message may indicate that you are trying to login to the server using a secure password authentication option which has not been activated at the server end or the settings have recently been changed. It would be prudent for you to contact the technical support team or the network administrator in your office and explain the issue.


The Ms Outlook Client Can Become a Graveyard for your Emails in case of a crash

In case you ever encounter an Outlook crash due to a PST error then there is a distinct chance that your email data may become corrupt. In other words your email client can end up crashing and take with itself all your valuable data. In fact all other data stored in the application from journal entries to notes that you have painstakingly entered may be at risk. To avoid such a situation, you need to immediately run a pst repair tool like the remarkable DataNumen Outlook Application. It has been designed to deal with the most mind numbing PST corruption issues that other tools such as Inbox Repair tool from Microsoft fail to tackle. Capable of bringing back all your data including contacts and reports from the Business contact manager without fail, the application also earns kudos for its swift performance.


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