How to Request Receipts Automatically When Sending Emails to Specified Contacts

To those extremely important emails, we tend to hope that we can get notified when it is delivered and read. This article will look at enabling Outlook to request receipts automatically when sending emails to those especially crucial contacts.

I create a contact group in Outlook, which contains all of my significant clients. Every time I send emails to them, I always add receipt requests to the messages manually. But via the following method, I needn’t add it any more. Outlook can request receipts by itself.

Request Receipts Automatically When Sending to Specified Contacts

  1. To begin with, head to “File” menu and click “Manage Rules & Alerts” button.Manage Rules & Alerts
  2. Then a new window called “Rules and Alerts” will show up, in which you need to locate and click on “New rules” button.
  3. In the subsequent dialog box of “Rule wizard”, you should locate “Start from a blank rule” label, and select “Apply rule on messages I send”. And click “Next” button.Apply rule on messages I send
  4. In the new screen, you should choose a condition, namely “sent to people or public group” option.sent to people or public group
  5. Next click the “people or public group” link in blue at the bottom box, which will open a new dialog of “Rule Address”. In this dialog box, you can double click the specified contacts to add them to “To” field. After selecting, you should click “OK” to back to “Rule Wizard” and press “Next”
  6. In the following screen for actions, you can choose “notify me when it is delivered” or “notify me when it is read” or both of them. You can make this selection as per your needs. After this choice, you need to click “Next”.Notify me when it is read or delivered
  7. In the next step, you are permitted to pick out an exception if necessary. Of course, if not, you can just neglect this step and click “Next” directly.
  8. Later you can assign a name for this rule to distinguish it from other rules, such as request receipts for somebody.
  9. Finally click “Finish” button to apply this rule.Apply This Rule

As soon as completing the above steps, all the sent emails to specified contacts will be loaded with receipt requests automatically. Therefore, you don’t need to check the “request receipt” options when composing email messages.

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