How to Replace Texts with Specified Format in Word

Word has much useful functionality that brings common users much convenience. In this article, we will offer a solution on how to replace your text with particular formatting in word.

We used Find & Replace a lot in word. Because this function facilitate our operations when we want to replace certain words with some different texts, especially when we are dealing with a long text.

Usually, we apply Find & Replace to the entire word document, that is, we substitute certain words with some others for all texts. However, sometimes you may also want to replace some words formatted in certain styles with some other words, but without affecting other parts of your paper. In such cases, you could then turn to the advanced settings. For example, if you want to find out all instances of the word “problem” on your paper, which were formatted in the Heading 1 style, and then replace them with the word “Problem”, you could refer to the following steps to carry it out:

Detailed Steps of Replace Text with Particular Formatting

  1. Under Home page, click replace.Click "Replace"
  2. In the following pop-up window, you can type the text you that want to search for. Here we type “problem” in the Find What box.Type word “problem”
  1. Click More.Click "More"
  1. Click Format under Replace, and switch to Styles.Switch to "Styles"

      5. In the subsequent Find style dialog box, select Heading 1 in the list, and then click OK.Select "Heading 1" in the List

       6. In the Replace With box, you can type the word you want to replace with, here in Replace With box we change to word “Problem”.Change to Word “Problem”

       7.Tick the “Find whole words only” checkbox under “Search Options”, and make sure it’s set to “All” where it says “Search”.Tick “Find whole words only” Checkbox

      8. Then click Replace All. Now we have replaced all the word “problem” with Heading 1 style with “Problem”. Click "Replace All"

What to do if Word Crashes

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