Repeated Outlook Crashes are a Sign of a possible serious problem

If your Outlook application is crashing often then it can be an indication of a serious issue including PST corruption.

Repeated Outlook Crashes are a Sign of a possible serious problem

The popularity of Ms Outlook application does not take away from the fact that it is far from perfect. While it is undoubtedly the best desktop email client in vogue, it is bogged down with several issues like propensity for data corruption and crashes. Now many of us have encountered an Outlook crash and in most cases it does not cause any hassles once we restarted the application. However if your Outlook application keeps on crashing every now and then, it surely points out at a possible serious issue. Let’s look at eliminating the cause of such crashes and look at possible scenarios.

Check if an add-in is the culprit

At times an add-in which is conflicting with the application or is buggy can cause the Outlook application to crash. In case you have installed any add-ins in the near past, try removing them. Restart the Outlook application and check if it now runs without flipping over.

A large Inbox can make the application unstable

In many cases a large Outlook Inbox can make the application unstable and result in crashes. Especially if you are using an old iteration of Outlook, do not allow your Inbox to exceed the 2 GB limit. Also it is often ideal to initiate the Auto Archive option

Disable Email Scanning

In some rare cases Email scanning can lead to Outlook crashes and you may disable email scanning to observe if your Outlook application functions normally. It is important to note that while email scanning is off, do not open attachments received from unknown sources.

Check all Updates are Up to date

It is important for you to ensure all updates for the application are up to date. Typically updates are automatically done as a part of Windows updating process and you should not interfere with this process.

Consider the Possibility of a PST crash and set in place your backup and recovery plan

In many cases Outlook crashes are an indicator of PST corruption and you should immediately consider a backup and a fool proof recovery plan. Make it point to frequently backup your email on a daily basis. Next you should get hold of an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to tackle the worst case scenario of a PST crash. This powerful application can extract all your data including your important contacts and all business communication in quick time and in perfect shape. Next it would also prove useful in organizing the recovered data and splitting it in parts. Irrespective of whether the files are stored, say a flash media drive or a virtual disk running on VMware, this application can bring back the data without much ado.

Repair the Outlook application

In some rare cases, even after you have repaired the PST file, you may still end up with frequent Outlook crashes. In such a scenario, you would have to undertake a complete repair of the Outlook application. Before you do so, always remember to backup your PST file. Once set, head to the Control panel, select the Ms Office program and click on Change. Next click on Repair and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

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