Renaming the Subject line of a received Email in Ms Outlook

Emails today have become the lifeline of commerce and are the primary means of pursuing business communication. During the course of a workday you may have several conversations with different people related to the same project. However it may so happen that the subject line of the emails may be different even though they may be related to a specific project at hand. Now if you may like to change the subject line of an email that you have received, so that it correlates with a specific term and can searched easily. Well the same is possible in Outlook by performing the steps mentioned below.



Changing the subject line of an received email

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and open the email which subject line you wish to change in a new window
  2. Next move to the subject line and click on it
  3. Start editing the subject line and enter the text you want
  4. Once done close the email message and when Outlook asks you to save the changes, click Yes. The subject line of the email has changed.


Adding Categories to emails

In some cases it is simply not possible to have a common subject line for a whole bunch of emails that you wish to group together. For sorting such emails you can use categories in Outlook. Just create a category of your choice in the Master categories list. Next head to the email that you wish to mark, right click on it and then click on Categories. In the next screen select the category from the drop down list and save the change. Repeat this action on any email that you wish to associate with the specific category. Now when you need to find emails related to specific category, you can simply click on the Find tool and head to the More tab. Next click on the Categories option and choose the category for which you wish to search the emails.


PST Errors can creep up on you without any warning

The Ms Outlook email client has for years being dogged by the reputation of being a slightly wobbly application that is prone to throwing out inane error messages. While most errors that you encounter in Outlook do not posses a threat to your data, PST errors are an exception. Not only can they compromise your entire email repository, PST errors typically creep up on unannounced. Given the scenario, if you are using Outlook for managing your business email, you should always keep a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. In case your Outlook application crashes due to a PST error, this powerful tool can get back your entire email collection without any hassles. In fact it can also bring back your contact list, calendars and notes in a jiffy.  In cases where you experience any difficulty in tracing out the compromised PST file, you can use this application as an e-discovery tool.


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