Removing Pesky Add-ins from the Ms Outlook Email Client

Lots of070502-Office2007[4] Outlook users tend to install add-ins to enhance the functionality of the email client. Most of the add-ins available today are easy to install and equally easy to disable or remove. However there are cases of certain third party add-ins that cause a lot of hassles when we attempt to remove them. From error messages that point to registry entries to unsuccessful attempts at removing software, many of us have encountered such issues and lived through the grief. Let’s look at some quick tips to help you remove such pesky add-ins


Login as Windows Administrator to Remove Pesky Add-ins

Most pesky add-ins can be removed if you log in to the system as a system administrator. After log-in you need to first disable the plug-in and then perform the uninstall process. In most cases this works quite well, however you may need to clean any redundant registry entries left by the unwanted add-ins

While you can always log into the system in Administrator mode, if you wish to complete the process quickly, you can just right click on the Outlook application and choose the option to run the program as an administrator.


Starting Windows in Safe Mode

In some extreme cases, even after logging in as an administrator, you may experience difficulty in dislodging a specific plug-in. Such cases you should start the Windows system in safe mode. In the safe mode, the Outlook application does not load any add-ins and you can then simply remove them from the program. If you wish you can also just get the Outlook application to run in safe mode without rebooting the system. Just enter “outlook.exe /safe”  in the run box and the application would launch in safe mode.


Contacting your Office Network Administrator in Case of Ms Exchange Add-ins

In offices, various Outlook plug-in may be added by the technical team for advancing your efficiency. To remove any plug-ins which you are using in an Exchange environment in your office, you should ideally get in touch with your Exchange or network administrator.


Corrupt Add-Ins can cause an Outlook Crash and even risk your data

While Add-ins in Outlook can help you achieve a great deal more from the email client, it is entirely upon you to ensure that you install add-ins of repute from trusted firms. Installing third party add-ins from unknown sources can create technical hassles and even cause the Outlook application to crash. At times compatibility errors can even affect the underlying PST files. Irrespective of the scenario, you need to always keep a

pst recovery application like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby to get back data in case of an Outlook crash. Powered by a sophisticated algorithm, this intelligent tool can quickly retrieve all Outlook data elements including embedded data present within emails. In fact the tool works smoothly with all Windows iterations including 64 bit ones with ease and supports all Outlook iterations.


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