Removing a Stuck Email in the Ms Outlook Outbox

For an Outlook user,stuck-email the idea of encountering a stuck email message can seem like a nightmare. If an email message with a large attachment is stuck in the Outbox the application will try to send it every time you press the send/receive button and unless the sent task is complete other emails will not land in your mailbox. The issue gets rather serious when your attempts to delete the stuck message do not work out. Let’s explore the issue in detail and look at ways to remove the stuck email message from the Outbox.


Emails with Large File Attachments are more likely to get stuck

Before we look at resolving the issue, we need to understand why email messages end up getting stuck in the Outbox. It typically occurs only when you are trying to send an email message with a large attachment and it ends up jamming the Outbox. So ideally if you have a large attachment to send, split it up into small parts send it across via multiple emails.


Restart the System and try deleting the email

One of the easiest ways to resolve the issue involves restarting the system and then attempting to delete the file from the Outbox. In large number of cases the file can be removed with ease.


Placing Outlook in Offline Mode

If restarting the PC did not resolve the issue, you need to put Outlook into the offline mode. To do so go to the File Menu in Outlook and then click on Work Offline from the drop down list. Next close the Ms Outlook application and also verify the Outlook process file is not appearing in the Task manager. Next launch the application again, go to Outbox and click to open the email. In the next step close the email, go to Outbox and delete it. Once the email has been deleted you set the Outlook application back to work in online mode.


Ms Outlook is susceptible to crashes despite improvements in recent iterations

The Ms Outlook email client has improved its overall reliability in recent iterations. It no longer topples over when the Inbox file reaches the 2GB limit. Yet it still remains acutely vulnerable to a host of errors and Outlook crashes are a reality even in the latest iterations. Hence an avid Outlook user should always keep a potent pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. Not only does it help you to recover your emails, it can even trace out the underlying files in case you are unable to spot them. In fact its exceptional search feature allows it to be used as an e-discovery tool. Moreover it can work on optical media as well flash drives with equal ease. The tool can also be used to lighten up the Inbox by breaking the underlying PST file into several parts.


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