How to Remove Emails from Unknown Contacts

We always receive emails from unknown contacts occasionally. This article will look at how to move them out of our Inbox.

When it comes to emails from unknown contacts, many people will express their terrible disgust. Someone may be inclined to overlooking them or treating them as junk emails and block them without any hesitation. But at times there exist some important ones among these unknown emails. Thus it’s not a good choice for us to prevent any emails from unknown contacts. In such a scenario, we are better off removing messages from people we don’t know out of Inbox and classifying them to another folder for us to deal with later.

As we know, moving emails from specific contacts to other folders can be realized easily via creating rules. Actually the same holds true for moving emails from unknown contacts. We can create a rule with exceptions to filter out emails from unknown persons with effortless ease. Here are the concrete steps.

Remove Emails from Unknown Contacts Out of Inbox

  1. To start with we are required to create a folder in “Email” pane. Right click Inbox folder and select “New Folder” item.
  2. After creating a new folder especially for target messages, we should begin to create a rule. Locate and click “Rules” button in “Home” ribbon. Select “Mange Rules & Alerts” item, which will open a new dialog. In it, we should click “New Rule” button.
  3. Then in the subsequent dialog box of “Rules Wizard”, we should select “Apply rule on messages I receive” and click “Next” to turn to next step.
  4. We will be demanded to select a condition here. Just neglect this selection to click “Next” straightforward. An alert will pop up. Just click “Yes” button to next step.Move it to the specified folder
  5. Next as for the specific actions, we should choose “Move it to the specified folder”. And in “step 2” box, click the “Specified” link to select the new folder which we created just now. And click “Next”.
  6. Later in exceptions, select “except if from public or public groups”. And click the blue link to incorporate all contacts. Finally click “Finish” to activate the rules.Remove Emails from Unknown Contacts Out of Inbox

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