How to Remove Attachments from Outlook Meeting Messages

When receiving a meeting message with an attachment, some people tend to save it to local for convenience. Actually it is also recommended to remove it from message to keep your mailbox clean and reduce the size of Outlook file. This article will offer an effectual method.

To remove attachments from meeting messages, in Outlook 2003 and previous versions, we can right click the attachment and directly select “Clear” option from the context menu. However, Outlook 2007 doesn’t permit this operation. Later, in Outlook 2010, we can delete the attachments in meeting messages by setting the message in “Edit Mode”. Here are concrete steps.

Steps to Remove Attachments from Outlook Meeting Messages

  1. For a start, you need to locate the target meeting message. Double click the message to open it in the Message window.
  2. Then head to “File” menu and select “Options”.Go to "Outlook Options"
  3. In the new window of “Outlook Options”, you should switch to “Quick Access Toolbar” tab. In the shown right side, you can customize the quick access toolbar.
  4. Next in “Choose commands from” field, you should select “All Commands” from its dropdown list.
  5. In the left box, you would be required to pull the scrolling bar until find “Edit Message” command. And click “Add” button in center to add it to the QAT. You can also utilize “Move Up” and “Move Down” to change the command orders as per your preference.Add Edit Message to QAT
  6. Later click “OK” to save the changes and back to the Message window.
  7. In the meeting message window, you need to click the “Edit Message” icon in QAT in the first place, which aims to change the message into “Edit mode”.Edit Message Icon in QAT
  8. Finally you can directly click on the attachments in message body. And then press “Delete” button to remove attachments, which must prove successful.

What Can Jeopardize Your Outlook File

Despite boasting of numerous advantages, Outlook has no capacity of escaping from corruptions, which is entirely the same as other email clients. Thus so as to protect Outlook from damage effectively, we should make clear the factors that can attack the Outlook file. The most common factor is the frequent closing Outlook improperly, which can be caused manually and by abrupt power outage, etc. In addition, virus infection, spy assaults and other phishing attacks are one of the primary reasons. Moreover, hardware malfunctions, software problems and version upgrade can also push Outlook to dangers.

Therefore, to counter these malicious dangers, we are better off making regular backups, such that we can retrieve Outlook data via backups. Also, keeping a robust repair tool handy is a matter of necessity, for instance, DataNumen Outlook Repair. With this tool, you can recover Outlook data with effortless ease when backups fail. It has shouldered over its competitors due to its high recovery rate.

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