Reliable, Effortless Data Recovery of Microsoft Outlook Files

Hong Kong — DataNumen has released DataNumen Outlook Repair v. 3.2, a powerful application that lets you scan damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files and recover mail messages, folders, posts, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, task requests, journals, and notes.

DataNumen Outlook Repair works with all of the common errors that business people and home users encounter with Outlook. The software can handle lost or forgotten passwords, Outlook items that were deleted accidentally, and PST files that have grown past the 2GB limit, as well as all of the frightening Outlook messages about the errors in your PST files and your PST file not being a personal folders file.

Inexperienced software users like DataNumen Outlook Repair because it is so easy to use. Network administrators and computer consultants like DataNumen Outlook Repair because it includes all of the extra functions that these power users need from time to time to maintain Outlook files securely. The software can recover the documents and images that are attached to Outlook messages. Embedded objects such as Word documents and Excel worksheets are recovered. DataNumen Outlook Repair can also recover deleted Outlook items.

You can use DataNumen Outlook Repair to split PST files into multiple smaller files. It’s easy to convert earlier PST files (from Outlook 97 through 2002) into the more modern formats. The damaged files need not be on your hard drive because the software works with CDROMs, floppies, and other removable disks. You can even use DataNumen Outlook Repair in command-line mode.

To learn if the software can recover your damaged Outlook file, simply install and run the trial version of the software. After you learn that DataNumen Outlook Repair will be able to restore your file, you can purchase and install the full version of the software and bring your data back to life. DataNumen Outlook Repair works with Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who needs to be able to recover the Outlook files that become corrupted from time to time, a network administrator who is responsible for maintaining Outlook files for computers throughout the enterprise, or a computer consultant who needs a powerful and reliable tool to restore your clients’ damaged Outlook files, DataNumen Outlook Repair provides the best recovery available.

DataNumen Outlook Repair v. 3.2 costs $249.95(US) for a single-user license, and is available on DataNumen’s website on

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