How to Refresh Combo Box Contents in MS Access

In this article we teach our readers how they can efficiently refresh Combo Box Contents in an MS Access Database.

Creating or Editing a Combo Box Data is easy. Users just need to select Combo Box Tool from the Toolbox; choose all the required fields from the Query or Source Table available on the Wizard. Now the user just needs to get into the Property Sheet and he/she has the access to make any changes in the Combo Box.Refresh Combo Box Contents In MS Access

It is important for users to update code tables every now and then to ensure that their database works smoothly. For example, if a user selects a Combo Box, but is unable to locate the value that he/she is looking for in the database, they can set up a corresponding Combo Box to launch a different code table for the event. However, the only problem with this simple solution is that the user needs to refresh all the value left in the Combo Box code table screen.

Another instance which can turn this situation into a complex one is, if a database has more than one instances of combo box in a Form. It is likely that the contents of one combo box in that Form depends on the values of another combo box. In this situation if a user makes changes in one combo box, they will be reflected in the values of other combo box, which can potentially destroy the whole structure of the Form.

Steps to Refresh Combo Box Contents in MS Access

  • Combo BoxStep 1: Import tables consisting of the Combo Box contents into a current project.

(Categories, Products, Order Data)

  • Step 2: Now select Order Data Table, and open its Form from Insert Menu and then select Auto Form: Select Columnar from Wizard and press OK.
  • Step 3: Save the Form under Order Data.
  • Before making changing the form make sure to check all the contents on the new form. Now create a new Combo Box.
  • Step 4: Select design View in the View Menu, and make the desired changes in the Form.
  • Step 5: Now select all labels and controls except OrderID Label and Control, and drag them to create a new Combo Box under OrderID Field.
  • Step 6: Note: users can use View Menu to make their Toolbox visible.
  • Step 7: Now create another Combo Box under the name of ProductID, matching the size of the former ProductID Combo Box.
  • Step 8: Select these category table from the list and select Next.
  • Step 9: Click on Next >> again.
  • Step 10: Make sure to select the ‘Remember and save the values for future use’ on Control Menu and click on Finish.
  • Step 11: Open the Property Sheet on the combo box (View → Properties) and go to its property to change its name.
  • Step 12: User can now change the size of Label control, with the size of others Objects.
  • Step 13: Make the desired changes in the VBA Window and insert the new code of the update files.
  • Step 14: Open the Form and recheck the data. Select the New Combo Box that you have now updated in your Access Sheet.
  • Step 15: Users can check the list of products by selecting the Combo Box of the particular category.

Congratulation your Combo Box has now been refreshed.

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