Refining a Search in Ms Outlook

In this article we would look at narrowing down the search in Ms Outlook

Refining a Search in Ms Outlook

MS Outlook is needless to say is an expansive platform to handle multiple tasks at a time, be it contacts, emails, calendars or tasks. In such a huge program, it is obvious that chances are more for a user to get confused while searching for a particular item. Although, there is an Instant Search Feature in Outlook, there are chances that you get puzzled seeing multiple results but none matching your need. This is where the Refine Search Feature comes handy for the user. Learn how to refine your searches in MS Outlook.

Talking first about the Instant Search Feature, let us describe it for you. As the name suggests, instant search helps you fetch search results instantly with just a single click. This powerful search tool however, doesn’t always give the search results that you desire, so it becomes vital to know something that can be used to refine your searches.

The good thing is that Outlook does allow you to easily refine your searches by simply changing certain search criteria. All this refining procedure can be done through the Search Tab. This in fact is a new feature or a new feather in the cap of MS Outlook that enables you to customize your searches to get the best matching results. Search Tab actually helps narrowing down the most apt results from a wide list of search results, thereby making it easier for the user to pick the most suitable results for use.

Now, if you are interested to know about the procedure of using the Refine Search Feature, then here we go. You will first need to choose the Search Tab from the Main Ribbon. There you will get to see a number of options to refine your search under the Refine Group. However, bear in mind that the options will be displayed according to the Outlook version you are using. It is very important to choose the right option under the Refine Group and just follow the steps one by one to refine your search.

This is not all; you may even refine your searches in terms of folders. Like for instance, you can choose the Search Tab from the Ribbon and choose Current Folder to search in your current folder and this in fact is the default setting. You may even choose to search in Sub Folders by choosing the selected folders or sub folders. Lastly, you are also allowed to search from All The Outlook Items including, Tasks, Calendars and Contacts. All you need is to choose the right button under the Scope Group and refine your search results in Outlook.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that for people who wish to get the focused and more refined search results, Refine Search Tab is the option to choose. In case, even Refine Search doesn’t helps, then you also have an option to choose the Advanced Find that offers a wider spectrum for searches in MS Outlook.

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