Recovery Solutions for Data Loss

different_data_storageThere are many ways for an outside source to cause harm to your personal computer or network. Two of the most innocent sources are human error and hardware failures. One of the more problematic ways that a computer can suffer data loss is from someone who hacks into your network and deploys a malicious attack.


The worst way that your stored data can be corrupted is through malware; software programs that are designed to infiltrate your computer and either steal your identity and personal files or block access to your files and database. Malware can invade your computer through what seems like an innocent attachment.


Viruses and coding errors can be incorporated into the malware causing you to lose files, having your identity stolen and corrupting your entire system.


DataNumen has been designing data recovery products for programs since 2001 and we’ve supported a number of Fortune 500 companies in repairing and recovering data. Our line of products includes repair for Excel, SQL and Outlook, along with Word recovery and others. Each is designed to recover the most data possible when there is an assault on your network.


Many email and operating systems are equipped with the tools to resist malware. That is why these malicious programs are designed to exploit email attachments and other ‘innocent’ entries into your portal. Once your security is breached, you must act immediately to restore the infected areas to their normal state. For infections that have penetrated your email, Outlook repair is the perfect tool to clean up your most personal information.


SQL recovery is another valuable program that we offer when you have been subjected to a malware strike. SQL coding is the structure by which many database files are accessed and stored. Our SQL repair program examines the files to locate areas where the code has been affected or damaged and restores them to their original condition.


Microsoft Excel is one of the most innovative and versatile programs used in businesses today. Still, like most other programs, it is susceptible as a target for malicious malware. DataNumen’s Excel repair tool provides almost instant relief in repairing Excel data damage and manages a complete data reconstruction.


Take advantage of our free demo downloads and experience for yourself the ease and speed of recovering your lost or damaged data. We guarantee that if any other tools can recover more data than our data repair products, we will refund your order. Find peace of mind with DataNumen’s data recovery solutions and our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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