Recovering Word Data Effectively and Efficiently

frustrated_womanNearly everyone that has a computer has the Microsoft Office suite of programs is generally preloaded to your computer before purchase. It is an impressive array of tools that help us carry on our day-to-day business and often includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Access and Outlook.


One of the most utilized programs is Word. Many people and businesses use Word to its fullest capabilities and rely on it to generate anything from business reports to advertising fliers. We often rely on it daily and have hundreds, if not thousands, of saved documents but we’re not always prepared to lose those files.


One day, you’re minding your business, working away and then it happens. A malicious software attack invades the system and wipes everything out or renders files inaccessible. Everything is gone in a matter of minutes.


Malware poses a serious danger to our digital life and any program in your computer can suffer from loss of data, corrupt files, and it can even steal your identity. Fortunately, DataNumen has a range of products designed to restore your data. Our Word recovery program can quickly take you from nightmare to relief.


Using advanced technology, DataNumen Word Repair scans the damaged and corrupt files and restores as much of the data as possible in order to minimize the loss. Some of the features of the software for repairing Word are:


  • compatibility with the most recent Windows operating systems starting with Windows 6.0

  • restores .doc and .docx files either individually or in batches

  • recovers text and embedded images in Word documents

  • can be used as a computer forensic tool or e-discovery tool


DataNumen is classed as a world leader in producing the most effective data recovery products. Among our clients are IBM, General Electric, Toyota and AT&T Global Network Services, and we would love to serve you too.


Our data repair programs are the best on the market and they’re all backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Call us with any questions or place your order get started. You’re only a few steps away from recovering your word data.

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