Recovering PST files in Windows 8

As the world moved from desktops to tablets, the software behemoth Microsoft uufxaophsaw the writing on the wall and unleashed its futuristic Windows 8 operating system. With a rich feature set that can awe even the most jaded PC user, Microsoft in a single stroke managed to get the attention of an increasingly touch savvy user base and presented before them a striking new way to engage with their systems. At the same time it kept an option to choose the Desktop mode and retain the familiar Windows interface of its predecessor. It also allowed backward compatibility with most programs and thus different versions of Ms Outlook too work on this remarkable OS. However most users of Windows 8 typically have the latest Outlook mail clients and rarely anyone uses versions older than Outlook 2007. However the old hassles that have always plagued the Outlook application continue to occur in the new OS and it is not uncommon to observe users landing up with corrupted .pst files. In fact chances of PST file corruption tend to increase in this new OS as the application is often used on tablets and incidents of resource conflict seem to occur. Just read on to know how we can approach the problem of recovering .pst files in Windows 8.


Know file’s location

Before you begin to recover the .pst files you need to know their location. In Windows 8 the process is relatively simply as you can type in .pst in the search box and all .pst files that are present in the system come into your view. Now you need to start the Microsoft supplied scanpst.exe application and evaluate the suspected .pst file. Once you placed the path of the compromised file along with its name in the relevant field, the scanpst.exe which incidentally is also know as Inbox repair tool, will provide a recovered output file. However it must be noted that the Inbox repair tool is not a very effectual tool to recover lost .pst files and at times the amount of data recovered may be partial.


Use a relevant outlook repair tool and alleviate the issue

Given the fact that your Window 8 machine is likely to be your primary work system, we would not suggest you to try out intricate steps to recover the corrupted .pst files. Instead it would ideal for you to use a relevant outlook repair tool and alleviate the issue.  The DataNumen Outlook repair should invariably be your first choice given it capacity to work flawlessly on Windows 8 powered systems and its prowess in dealing with large .pst files. Moreover the convenience it offers you in identifying source .pst files comes rather handy if you are new to Windows 8 environment. Besides helping you recover your lost data from corrupted PST files, the application can also be used to bring back emails that you may have deleted by mistake. The fact that the application manages to restore your data in perfect shape while maintaining integrity to the last detail adds to its stellar repute.


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