Recovering from an Outlook Crash – Avoiding the Pitfalls

While the Ms OutlookFLPPK45HRH0Y14I.MEDIUM email client is rich in well thought out features, it carries with it some flaws that have been the bane of its users over the years. An Outlook crash can literally make your data vanish and you may end up searching your system for your emails to no avail. In this article we would try to help avoid the common pitfalls that normal Outlook users encounter while trying to recover from an Outlook crash.


Consider a Simple Report or Starting the Application in Safe Mode

Before attempting to run an intricate recovery procedures, you should attempt to reboot your system and launch the Outlook application. In many cases, the application may work just fine, especially in scenarios where the navigation pane settings had got messed up. If this does not work you can try to launch the Outlook application in Safe Mode. This can be done by simply typing outlook.exe /safe in the Run box in Windows. When you launch the email client in safe mode, it add-ons are automatically disabled. Hence if the crash was related to an Outlook add-on, the issue can be sidestepped and you can access your data and back them up.


Avoid Reinstalling the Outlook Application before Recovering your Encompassed Data

Often users, who encounter an Outlook crash, consider the idea that reinstalling the software would help set things back in order. However this is hardly the case as you can end up misplacing your email data. Ideally you should first attempt to recover your existing data and then install the software if needed.


Inbox Repair Tool May Not be Panacea in all cases

The Microsoft Inbox Repair tool is a decent piece of software that aims to get back your PST files in case of an Outlook corruption. Essentially the tool attempts to check if the basic file structure is in place. In case of an anomaly it tries to reset it back to the original status. However, it may not work all the time especially when the underlying PST files have been thoroughly compromised. Moreover finding the tool is also tricky for a novice user as Scanpst.exe may be located at a different place depending on your Outlook iteration and Windows edition.


Using a Powerful PST Recovery Tool is the Ideal Solution

Irrespective of whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, trying to obtain external help for recovering data from an Outlook crash may prove to be difficult and costly. The easiest way to get back your data involves the use of a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can effortlessly get back all the data elements stored in the email client. Incidentally the tool can also be used to retrieve data from crashed virtual machine drives and backed up Norton ghost image files. Moreover the tool is quite successful against incidents of extensive PST corruption in large files.  It also displays a sharp performance and is way quicker than other applications in its class in recovering data.


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