Recover Your Unsaved Word Documents via AutoSave & AutoRecover Features – Part 2

In last part, we have mentioned AutoRecover and AutoSave features in word. So that we can ensure very little loss of data if word accidentally closes. In this part, we will proceed to introduce the approaches to retrieve the auto-saved files in Word.

Click Available Files to Open it

If you have enabled the auto-save option in your word, next time you open it, there will be a window displayed on the left of the document. Therefore, you can click here to open the available files or save the ones you wish to keep. We can see the auto-save version as below:Click here to open the available files

Where to Find the Auto-Saved Documents

Word automatically saves the data every a few minutes. Then if you want to find the accidentally closed files, you should refer to the following steps:

  1. Click “File” menu, and select “Options”.Click “File” and “Options”
  2. Click ”Save” menu, we will find the location in “AutoRecover file locations”. Find the location of auto-saved documents
  1. Copy the above location and paste it to the address bar on the windows explorer. And click “Enter” on your keyboard, you will then find the document formatted in ASD file. Rename it to .doc file, and you will then be able to open it.Copy the above location

What If Auto-Saved Files are Also Damaged

Generally, we can reopen the last auto-saved Word file if we find it. Sometimes. However, we may also fail to open it for some reason, so that we cannot retrieve our data even if we find them. Under this occasion, we can thus utilize the in-built repair feature in Word or turn to external repair tools for help.

  1. Copy the .asd file to another folder. By doing so, you can retain your original files.
  2. Rename the .asd file to .doc file.
  3. Repair .doc file with DataNumen Word Repair, which is capable of fixing Word files so that data loss is minimized. First, add the corrupted file to “Select Word document file to be repaired” box, then, the location of the fixed file will appear in the box below. Lastly, click ”Start Repair” to repair the damaged file. The process will be over in a jiffy.Repair .doc file with DataNumen Word Repair

Due to its high recovery rate, this recovery tool will restore maximum lost data from your file. Therefore, if your Word document is in serious corruption, this tool can be your first choice.

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