Recover Your Unsaved Excel Spreadsheets via AutoSave & AutoRecover Features (Part II)

In the previous part, we have introduce the setting of saving AutoRecover information and the condition of closing the existing file without first saving it. And the following are the other two conditions.

Except closing existing files without first saving it, there are two other specific conditions. Now follow us and know the detail information.

Case 2: Closing a New File without First Saving it

In this condition, you set a new Excel file and input into some information. However, you forget to save it. And you click the “Don’t Save”. Thus, the whole file will not be in your computer. To retrieve the file, you may follow those steps.

  1. Open a new Excel file.
  2. Click “File” on the ribbon.
  3. At the button part, you will see the option of “Recover Unsaved Workbooks”.Recover Unsaved Workbooks
  4. And now click this option. Then a new window will automatically pop up.
  5. Choose the unsaved file in the window.
  6. And then click “Open”.Open the Unsaved File
  7. Thus, the information will appear. And in the workbook, click the button “Save as” in the yellow warning column.Click Save As
  8. In the new window, choose the path where you want to save this file. Until now, the unsaved files are saved in your computer.

Case 3: A Power Outage

When you are working on your Excel file, and suddenly the computer shuts down and you are unable to save your files. In this case, you can recover your file through the following steps.

  1. When you have opened your computer again, open the file that you were working with.
  2. On the interface, you will see that there is a “Document Recovery” on the left. You will find that there are two versions. One version is auto created by Excel and the other is the original version.Document Recovery
  3. If you want to recover the file, you can choose the auto saved one. And you can click this option. And then you will find that all the data are still there. But the information you input during the time of latest auto saved version and the computer shuts down cannot be recovered. So we recommend that you set the auto save time as short as possible if your computer allows.The Autosaved Version

What to do if You can’t Recover the Unsaved Excel File

Even if the function of saving AutoRecover information is very magnificent, you should still remember to form the good habit of saving your file before close it. After all, the AutoRecover information is not almighty. When you are unable to retrieve your file, you still have another method. You can use an external tool to recover Excel files with important information. This tool is like insurance for your files.

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