How to Recover Your Outlook Data from a Formatted Disk

If you format one disk or drive by mistake, but it contains an Outlook file that you still need, you can utilize the following 2 steps to recover Outlook data.

On one occasion, in order to reinstall windows system, my C Disk was formatted thoroughly. Due to the abrupt system errors, I even haven’t thought of making a backup of the important files. Thus I missed all my cherished files, including an Outlook file. I have used Outlook for a long time. There is a great deal of valuable data in the PST file, including all my communications with my clients. So when windows system is installed successfully, I would like to recover Outlook data. After a deep research on Internet, I attempted a myriad of methods. Finally I succeed via the following method.Recover Outlook Data from a Formatted Disk

Step 1: Convert the Whole Disk to an Image File

To recover the PST file in a formatted disk means that you need to repair the whole formatted disk file. Therefore, you should convert the disk to an Image file at the beginning. But how can you convert it?

Virtually there is a Free and handy tool that can achieve it, namely DataNumen Disk Image. It can clone and restore the raw data of the disk or drive. Anyone can get it from its official website. Besides, it is also easy to operate. Here are the concrete steps.

  1. At first, download and install it. After installing in success, double click its Desktop shortcut to launch it.
  2. On Clone tab, and in “Create Image for drive or disk” field, you can click the down arrow and select the target disk or drive from the dropdown list.
  3. Next in “Output image file as” field, click the “…”...button button.
  4. In the subsequent window, you should select another disk as the output location and meanwhile name the output image file.
  5. Finally click “Start Clone” to initiate the converting process.

This process won’t take too much time. Therefore, once the disk or drive is converted to an image file, you can turn to the next pivotal step.

Step 2: Utilize a Repair Tool to Recover Outlook Data

Due to the fact that Outlook is too vulnerable to corruption, quantities of Outlook repair tools have spring up in the market. However, a majority of tools have a poor performance in PST recovery. Sometimes they can only repair the existing PST files with small errors. If the PST file has gone, they will be ineffective, let alone restore the PST file in a formatted disk. Hence it is really necessary for us to pick out a certainly useful tool depending on the specific cases.

In this case, I recommend a versatile tool, namely DataNumen Outlook Repair. Not only can it repair corrupted PST files, but also it is capable of restoring vanished files, no matter deleted or formatted ones. It has shouldered over its peers due to its high recovery rate. Moreover, it also has a trial one. You can download it to have a try.

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit

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